What Does “Thrown Under The Bus” Mean To Traditional Catholics

The saying “Thrown Under The Bus” seems to have recently come from sport coaches telling the team members that they better be on the bus (working together to win) or under the bus (not with the team).  More recently it has been used to describe the sacrificing of good people by others for their own benefit.  An example would be lying about a coworker so that you could get their job.

under-the-busIn the Catholic Church it means when the Church hierarchy (like a bishop or diocese) sacrifice a good priest or religious (making them apologize or take a leave of absence) to please people who do not like it when they preach Catholic truth.  So to placate the progressive catholics, the messengers of Jesus’ truth are silenced and punished.

This brings up another great saying: “Don’t shoot the messenger”.  This comes from when a messenger is sent with good or bad news, you do not take it out on him because he is just the messenger, not the one who sent the message.  So when we faithfully preach the teachings of Jesus Christ and are shot for it, they are only shooting the messenger.  Jesus is the one who sent the message of salvation to us, no matter how unpopular it may be.  Remember we are only preaching Jesus’ message.

It could also be like when Caiphas the High Priest sacrificed the innocent Jesus so that the Romans would not destroy the Jewish Nation.  “Neither do you consider that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not“.   Caiphas threw Jesus under the bus so that the rest of the Jews could live in peace with Rome.

passion -eccehomoWe also find Pontius Pilate throwing Jesus under the bus to appease the Jewish crowds.  He had been warned by his wife that Jesus was innocent and had stated that several times.   But as the crowds became more and more unruly, and screaming for him to crucify Jesus, Pontius Pilate threw Jesus under the cross (bus) to die, to save his own hide.

But we can see that Jesus did not stay forever under the bus and that great good came from His sacrifice under the bus and on the cross.  So, we too, traditional Catholic priests, religious and laity need to know it is not the end of the world or story when we are thrown under the bus.  There will eventually be a resurrection and good that will come out of it.