Burn (Aborted) Baby Burn

In 2007 an article was in an Oregon blog, Willamette media, called “Burn Baby Burn”.  It was about the pollution that a waste to energy power plant near Brooks Oregon was causing.  Little did the people complaining, know the pollution would be coming from burning murdered aborted babies bodies at this plant.

brooksThe British Colombia Catholic Newspaper found this out when doing an interview with the B. C. Health Minister official told them that Biomedical waste, including murdered babies, was being sent to Oregon to be burnt to generate electricity for people.

It is estimated that 800 tons of medical waste is burned each year.

Oregonwastefacility2-640x409Two years ago it was also reported that 15,500 murdered babies had been burned in a similar facility in the United Kingdom to generate energy for a hospital.

The good news is that the people from the board that controls the plant are for life and have asked for a probe into what has been happening.  That people even care is good news in an evil world where unborn babies are considered as disposable as diapers that babies, who were fortunate enough to have survived their mothers womb, use.

Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary_pious pictureLet us do what we can.

1) Pray the Holy Rosary everyday.
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 Especially at an abortion mill.

2) Offer our Holy Mass intentions for the protection of babies.

3) Tell people that birth control leads to murdering unwanted babies.

4) Be sexually pure.

5) Only have Holy sex to have children after receiving the Holy Sacrament of Marriage.

6) Dress modestly so that lust is not aroused that causes premarital or extramarital sex.

7) Have faith and trust in God to be able to financially, emotionally and energy wise be able to have many children.

8) Remember and tell others, a child is the greatest gift God could ever give in this life.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to not have been murdered by our mothers.
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 Thank You God for our lives.  May we use them to save souls and lives.