Priest Sees Abuse Of Jesus Body and Blood At Catholic Funerals

At one funeral I attended, I corrected some girls in their teens.  One had a The Body of Christ in her hand that had a bite taken out of it.  She was showing it to the other girls and commenting on how it tasted and asking what it was.

old-photo-funeral-processionOver and over I would tell people at funerals that they could receive Holy Communion only if they had gone to confession if they had committed any mortal sin and if they were Catholic.  I never invited them up for a blessing if they were in mortal sin or not Catholic.  Holy Communion is not the time to bless sinners in their sinful lives or to bless non Catholics.  Many people were very angry at me because all the other parishes blessed everyone so they would not feel excluded.  I got in trouble over this and telling them not to go if they had any mortal sins.  You priests know what I mean.

Because I was pastor for ten years at a rather small rural parish, I knew a great deal about the people at the funerals.
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 I personally knew that many of them did not go regularly to Mass.  I would tell them only to go if they were confessed if they had a mortal sin.  Then almost all of them would just march up and go to Holy Communion as if it were their right.

Here is another priest who also laments what is happening to Jesus’ Body and Blood at so many funerals.  But it is not just funerals, it is at almost all masses.

9f9eebd4c494f145336e51b8a6ddda6b“It is indeed a sad reality that we face on a daily basis where the Blessed Sacrament is violated by those who may be ignorant or not even care. Funerals and Weddings are huge opportunities for Holy Communion to become a “free for all.” Greater instruction and evangelization of the beauties and Traditions of the Church are greatly needed and done so by courageous Catholic priests. Sadly, we priests feel like we need to walk a fine line between the TRUTH and keeping everybody happy, no matter how much the truth hurts.”

Thank you Fathers for protecting Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.