God Is Not Dead, Nietzche Is Dead (And Died Insane)

A protestant movie has come out called “God is Not Dead”.  I have not seen it.  Looking at the reviews it seems to have its pluses and negatives.

gods_not_dead-235x340The very famous saying; “God is Dead” was penned by the philosopher, Fredrich Nietzche.    He lived from 1844 to 1900.
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 He claimed that Jesus was the God of the other world, heavenly, and that the Greek god, Dionysus is the god of an exuberant life here and now.  He saw the Christian religion as evil because it produced weak people.
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E021_SketchJust the titles of his works say so much about Nietzche wanting to put himself in the place of God.  He used “Ecce Homo” to be the title of one of his writings.  He applied it to himself and to the man free from moral restraint.  This is in contrast to it being the famous title given to Jesus by Pontius Pilate.  Pilate said this when he showed Jesus, totally bloody from his scourging, to the crowds.  Another was “Why I am a Destiny” and “The Antichrist curse of Christianity”.  In a letter to a friend, Neitzche jokingly said he was the antichrist.

Sermon and Deeds of Antichrist_Luca SignorelliSo many university students study Nietzche’s philosophy.  But what very very few know is how he died.  He died in an insane asylum.  Because he lived such a rebellious life, his mind and spirit rebelled on him and he went crazy.  Why would anyone want to follow a “free spirit” who died insane?  Yet, today, million of “intellectuals” are his disciples.

God is Alive, Alleluia.  We know it from the witnesses who saw Jesus dead on the cross and in the grave.  Who then saw Him alive and were able to probe His nail and spear wounds.  They ate with Him.  Talked with Him.  They saw Him rise into the sky.

They then went forth and performed incredible miracles in Jesus name.  After preaching about Him, they ended up being tortured to death for Him.  Who would be willing to be tortured to death for a lie.  NO ONE!  What the Apostles and disciples wrote is true.

Turinshroud4_2175986cThen we have the Shroud of Turin.  No matter how much some scientist debunk it, there are so many mysteries behind it and it is believe by so many to be the sheet Jesus was buried in and rose from the dead in.  On the impact of His resurrection, the image of Jesus’ body and blood were left on it.

Couronne_Sainte-FaceJesus is alive and well in our lives.  He continues to give love, hope and strength to us who know the truth.  So many miracles continue to happen by His power and in His name.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to not have to die like Nietzche, in an insane asylum.