The Faster The Catholic Church Runs After The World, The Further It Gets Away.

We traditional Catholics need to keep on screaming out loud; “Things are really bad out there in the world”.  Almost any sane person has to notice that everything, from family life to crime, is getting worse and worse.  Just look at what is happening in Colorado that made recreational marijuana legal.   Just look at the crime in Mexico from the Drug Cartels.

rosary-madonna6A woman in her 30’s came into our office for Holy Water.  She was dressed in white leotards, as thin as nylons.  That was all she had on for “pants”.  These were the worse I have ever seen and even worse than “leggings”.  I kindly told her that it was not proper as a Catholic to dress like that.  I then said: “Can’t you see that the world is really getting bad out their”.  She totally agreed with me about the world, yet she was blind to her accepting the worlds influence on dressing extremely immodestly while at the same time she wanted Holy Water.

Many of you have probably read about the telephone call from Pope Francis to a divorced, remarried woman, where he told here that she could receive Holy Communion.  Her “husband” put it on his Facebook.  The Vatican has neither denied or confirmed it.  They said correctly, that the pope makes many phone calls and they are not there to hear them all.

The problem began when we first started giving out tons of annulments. And as you can see it is the United States of America, where Hollywood’s culture prevails, that gives out most annulments.  What marriage is valid?

media-601821-2Then we felt sorry for so many divorced and remarried people.  Then we start telling them it is an internal forum where “they” decide whether to receive Holy Communion or not.  Now we are having a special Bishop’s Synod in October at the Vatican on how to “pastorally” help divorced/remarried catholics.
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The same thing has happened about homosexuality.  At first the Catholic Church condemned it as the sin of sodomy.  Then there began ministry to homosexual.  Then there was acceptance of “gays”.  Then there was church support for homosexual civil rights.  Then there was support for homosexual unions. Then there came some priests blessing same sex marriages. Now if you do not support homosexuals you are the evil person and will be disciplined.  The special Synod will also address this issue too.

1486580_304206429735077_1022110645514847582_nGod gave the Church the responsibility to be the prophetic voice in an every changing world and culture.  We are built on the unchangeable 2000 year old ROCK.
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 Those who want to be in the world and believe like the world are standing of sand, because everyday the morals change and become more evil.  They do not even notice because it happens so slowly.  That is why we Catholics need to point it out.  And it is not going to be easy.

So as we traditional Catholics lovingly inform people about God’s ways and laws.  We need to start from the bad in the world, that is increasing exponentially,and go from there.  At least most people recognize things are not all rosy.  But they haven’t a clue how they got that way.  We know.  God and His rules are trashed.  Man and his rules are exalted.

Misa difuntosWe traditional Catholics have the answer for suffering humanity.  Just like spoiled children, they do not want to hear anything about discipline, but at the same time they are insecure and lost without it.  They are hurting.  Jesus and His Church have the medicine, even though it is very bitter to take.  But it is better than the other alternative, sickness and death.