One Priest’s Sacrifice, Praying Latin Breviary and Latin Rites

Here is a comment from a diocesan priest who is sacrificing by praying the Latin Breviary.

152891Thank you, Father, for another excellent post! I tried for a while with the two-volume Latin-only breviary that I purchased from the FSSP website (my Latin is fairly good), but the longer amount of time required to pray the 1962 Office was a bit of an obstacle to me.
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Then I realised why. It is because I was not making enough of a sacrifice for Our Lord. So I am once again going to try to return to the traditional Roman Breviary with the two-volume edition I have, and with the help of the BrevMeum app (using the latter’s English translation especially to help me with some of the readings from the Office of Matins). You are very right when you say that we priests need to make sacrifices for God. And I believe that the Traditional Mass, Sacraments and Breviary are the best place to make those sacrifices. Thank you for always encouraging us priests who want to be faithful to Tradition, but who were never formed in Tradition in the seminary. Congratulations, by the way, on your first traditional Easter Triduum. I loved your post on that. God bless you, dear Father.Stuartbreviary