How Some Catholic Priests Are Treated When They Simply State The Truth

Here is what a priest recently is going through in the United States.  Please pray for us priests to be faithful no matter what.

under-the-bus“I was made pastor of a big parish when I was just 36. The parish was known for being crypto-protestant; when I began to teach the Faith and celebrate the Holy Mass the way the Church wanted it celebrated, I became the target of several liberal people who were alarmed by what I was doing — the liberal former pastor, the school principal, and their cohorts. Last year our new bishop (with the connivance of chancery officials) threw me under the bus because I did an “examination of conscience” with the faithful with politically incorrect words like “adultery”, “fornication”, “abortion” and the like.
What interesting times we live in, eh? At times, I thought to myself that the only way the true Faith is to survive is to go underground.”
1098502_217672288388492_389842753_nNo, Father, do not go underground.  Jesus needs you in the trenches being shot at by whom should be your support.  But don’t forget “Adjutorium nostrum In nominee Domini, Qui fecit coelum et terram.”  ‘Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.