Catholic Grammar School Girls Licking Host And No One Seems To Care

Here is another report of How Jesus (God) is treated in Novus Ordo Mass.
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Holy Communion_holy card What A Difference.

“I recently attended mass held in the primary school belonging to this parish
During the mass,, it was apparent that most of the children do not know the prayers of the mass or even the Our Father. During communion, I witnessed 4 schoolgirls passing the body of our Blessed Lord around to each other and licking it as though it was a lollipop. I was so overcome that I immediately went up to them and asked them where they aware of whom they were holding in their hands and insulting. I immediately asked the girl holding our Lord to consume him at once. On reflection this was wrong as they were in a state of grave sin. I went up to the priest and informed him of what I had witnessed and asked him to review whether he should be giving communion InThe hand. He looked at me and asked me to inform the headmaster what had happened without commenting or instructing the children present. I wrote to the bishop and 3 months later am still awaiting a reply.
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Is it any wonder our churches are almost empty and certainly devoid of the youth who are the future of the church