Traditional Catholic Dreams

All traditional Catholics need to pray, have faith, act and dream.  I drove up to Prescott to spend some time praying, thinking and dreaming about what to do with the land that was donated to me for spreading the traditional Latin Catholicism.

photoLast year, I had just arrived at a camp in Prescott for the first time in my life (to help with the 8th grade retreat) when I received a phone call from the parish secretary.  She said someone wanted to donate some land to for the Order of St. Pius in Prescott.  The owner knew me from the Latin Mass at St. Patricks in Ripon California, but now lives in Idaho.  I called him and he gave me the address.  How can you explain, other than a miracle, that I would be in Prescott when he called so I could go see the property.

anathema-if-reject-tradition2The property is 2 1/2 hours from St. Catherine’s parish.  It is 20 minutes north west of Prescott.  I met one of the neighbors who was so nice.  She said all the neighbors are so wonderful.  The lot is 2 acres on the side of a hill.  There are pines and rocks as you can see.

A parishioner from St. Catherine’s, works for a contractor that lives in Prescott.  I talked with him this morning and he said he would be so kind as to help me build on the property.

photoThe problems are;

  1. There is very little water in this area.
  2. The land is in a residential area of single homes.  (If I wanted to have retreats it could make the neighbors mad.  I am going to talk to the neighbor who is right next door to the property.
  3. There is so much work at St. Catherine’s I would only be able to spend a couple of days a week (say Monday and Tuesday) there.  It is quite a distance from St. Catherine’s.
  4. To know what is God’s will.

But what is important for me and all of you traditional Catholics is to pray and dream of doing things that are pleasing to God even if they may fail.  I remember reading on Rorate Caeli of a plan to start a tradition Catholic community in Italy.  Just the idea of it made me very joyful and wanting to be a part of it.  But then there is always the concrete obstacles:

  1. Have a bishop or the priest near by who would support the idea and come offer Holy Mass.
  2. A good leader who is balanced and who can keep people working together.  Traditional Catholics are all over the place in regards to the Novus Ordo, the SSPX and what it means to be a Catholic tradition.  You would need a clear understanding on these things before you could work together for a traditional community.
  3. Money and work.  It is one thing to think about it, but how do big families survive far from employment.  Few are self sufficient.
  4. Selfishness.  Today we are very spoiled and selfish.  It makes it hard to be in community when everyone is use to their own way, husbands, wives and children.
  5. Education.  You could all homeschool, but not all mothers and dads capable of doing this.

Anyway, dreaming, praying to discern God’s will and then acting on faith is a very risky thing to do but it does give us joy and hope.  Think what would have happened if Abraham and Moses stayed where they were.  We would probably not be Catholics right now?  Of course God can and does do His plans.  But He still depends on us stepping out in faith.

smds-high-altarWe have no idea what will or will not happen.  But for sure we do not want to live in fear and despair.  The miracle of the resurrection is enough to give us great hope and faith to make the changes we need to make and complete the actions God is calling each one of us to do.

Right now the youth group here at St. Catherine’s (Fidelis) are looking at 26 acres of empty land 3+ hours away.  They are all excited about it.  Whether or not it works out, they are excited and joyful about a future.

We forget that most youth have no hope for a good future.  All they do is live each day studying and working hoping to find someone to love and to get a good job.  God has so much more for them and each one of us.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have a great future here and forever in heaven with our King Jesus Christ.

photoOn the way through Prescott I saw this: Washington Traditional School.