Progressive Peace At All Price vs Traditional Catholic At No Price

Another case of catholic rebellion has come up against Fr. Francis Hoffman, executive director of Relevant Radio, after he gave a talk to a group of high school students at Catholic Prout School in Rhode Island.  The parents were subsequently “outraged” by Fr. Hoffman’s talk on Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality, adoption and divorce.  The parents are demanding that the principle to resign.  

under-the-busGood priests, religious and laity are being thrown under the bus by the Church hierarchy”    

But the worst case ever, that I have heard about, was when Father Marcel Guarnizo was removed from ministry for refusing to give communion to a woman who had informed him she was living in a sexual relationship with another woman.  It is also what just happen to the Dominican Sister, Jane Dominic Laurel by Aquinas College, when she gave here talk on homosexuality and divorce to Charlotte Catholic High School.

Good meaning bishops and priests are giving in to evil progressive pressure to keep things going as usual.  Peace at all price will not work.  These issues will return to bite us eventually.  And that is to say nothing about selling out God and His morals when evil pressure is applied by progressive catholics.

935330_182627245226330_1756559105_nAs a diocesen priest, when ever anyone would call the diocese to complain about me, it was almost always assumed that I was the bad guy and the lay person was the good person.  Then I was called by the diocese and I would have to come into the diocese or call the person or write a letter apologizing for what they deemed was “offensive”.

It happened when I spoke up against “brain dead” and organ donation.  It happened when I supported a confirmation teacher who said Hell was worse than being stabbed in the back and the having your fingernails pulled off.  It happened when I supported a wife to not have her husbands organs donated.  (This time I explained and they let me speak to the head nurse).

As society becomes more and more evil in what it believes in, the Church has to be willing to stand up for Jesus’ unchangeable morals.  To keep people happy, the Church leaders keep capitulating to Hollywood’s morals rather than holding firm to Jesus’ morals.

On Good Friday at 2:00, I would not give absolution to a man who did not believe in Catholic teachings or that what he was doing was sinful.  He then threatened me that he knew my name and was going to get me in trouble with the diocese.  I responded that I would rather get in trouble than betray Jesus, especially at the hour when we commemorate His dying on the cross.

Toulon 5Yes, most of us Catholic priests, who will not compromise our Catholic Faith, may well have to loose our faculties, our parishes, our friends, like what happened to Fr. Guarnizo.  But it is nothing compared with what the martyrs went through.

“You will be consoled according to the greatness of your sorrow and affliction; the greater the suffering, the greater will be the reward.”  

~St. Mary Magdalen de’Pazzi, OCD

So we pray that God will protect us who protect Catholic truth and morals.  Thank you to all of you priests, religious and laity that suffer for standing up for your Catholic faith.  God is with us and will reward us for all eternity.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.
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