BrevMeum App or Roman Breviary Book for Traditional Catholic Priests

We traditional Catholic priests want to encourage all priests, religious and laity (that can with your very busy life) to do the Divine Office or Breviary in Latin. 152891 I took the big leap of doing this last Lent 2013.
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 It took a great deal of sacrifice to go from a short Novus Ordo Liturgy of the Hours in English, to start the long Divine Office in Latin.  I would read the English first and then read the Latin.  I am so thankful that I have done this for two reasons;

1) I am being faithful to Catholic tradition.

2) I have learned so much more Latin.

brevmeum3I began the huge change by using the BrevMeum app on my iPhone and have being using it on a regular basis (It is also available for the iPad).  See Here.  I have done this because;

1) It is so user friendly.

2) You do not have to find the propers for the season or feast day or turn pages back and forth to where the various parts are found.

3) It has the format of Latin only or Latin on one side and English on the other.

4) It is so light to carry with you.

5) It is so much faster than using the printed book.

brevmeum_thumb[2]The disadvantages are:

1) It cannot be used where there is no internet connection for the iPhone or iPad to download the Office (This happens to me in Mexico and on Planes).  So when traveling I always download the offices before hand so I can use on plane and where there is no internet.  I also bring the printed volumes so that I have them to pray with if I have not downloaded all the office I will need while traveling.

2) You spend a great deal of time in front of a electronic device scrolling down the screen.

Nonetheless, with us priests and religious being so busy, this really saves a lot of time and makes sure we do all the hours.
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 It is also great that once you have clicked on the Office you are going to do, it makes the circle green, so that you can remember that you have completed it.  Thanks so much to the Friars of the Immaculate for making this available to us priests, religious, deacons and laity.  (Let us keep praying for them that they will soon be freed from their unjust prohibition of offering the Latin Mass and other traditional rites.)

StuartbreviaryAlong with the BrevMeum, I made a big leap and started using a old 2 volume book breviary.  I would use the printed Breviary along with the BrevMeum, to be sure I was doing everything correctly by compare the proper prayers that were in the BrevMeum to the book.  And so, with difficulty, I began using the book most of the time and then would only use the app when I was very very busy and as a guide.

But then one of my priest friends said the Psalms in this Latin version were the new Latin translation and not the melodic translation from St. Jerome’s Vulgata.  So as a Christmas present, I purchased the Baronius Press Roman Breviary.

59-319I never even opened the box till the beginning of this Lent 2014.  I made an attempt to learn this publications form of the Breviary.  But it is much more complicated than the 2 volume Breviary I was using before.  So I went back to the BrevMeum.

But now that the busy Lent and Holy Week is over, I am again trying to learn the Baronius Press Breviary.  Right now I can not find some of the Antiphons, so I use the BrevMeum.  I am patient with myself as I again try to learn more as a traditional Catholic priest.

For all of you priests, seminarians and religious who are trying so hard to be good traditional Catholics; Thank You For Your Sacrifices.  Be patient and keep on learning.