Traditional Catholic Love Is Greater Than The Hate Of Progressive Catholics

During Lent we relived the evil actions of the religious authorities of Jesus’ time.  We read from the Bible of their planning and paying for the eradication of Jesus.

Ministry of Christ_stained glassAs soon as Jesus began His public ministry of forgiving sins, exorcising devils, healing the sick (especially on the Sabbath), and preaching, He evoked the hatred and jealousy of the Jewish Religious leaders (Scribes, Pharisees, Lawyers and Priest).  All His actions were works of love that only brought on Him their hatred.  I would say that there is a constant law even at work today.  That law is this; evil and hypocritical people will always hate good people who do good things.

The religious leaders at the time of Jesus were faithful to all the prescribed religious actions.  But in their hearts, they were far from God.  How else can you explain the beatings, spitting, scourging, ridicule, false accusations and the final infamous scandal of Jesus crucified naked on the cross.

passion -eccehomoPontius Pilate tries to free Jesus from them.  He continually pronounced His innocence and knew that it was only out of jealousy that they hated Him.  He also had Him scourged, hoping that this torturous beating would quell their hatred and let Him live.  But nothing could stop the power of the evil in the Jewish Church at that time from taking their hatred out on Jesus.

But their hatred and secret actions to destroy the loving Jesus backfired on them.  Yes they were able to torture Him and killed Him, but Love had the last say over hate.  While Jesus was going through His excruciating death on the cross, He forgave them, out of love, the religious men, who should have loved Him and followed Him.

crucfaThey used all their religious and political power to kill Jesus.  And they were very successful.  But after they had tortured Him to death, there was no other way to continue to take out their hatred and blood thirsty jealousy on Him.  They could do no more to the silent Lamb before the slaughter.

On Easter, the Love of Jesus triumphs over the hatred of the Jewish religious.  He can die no more.  He now reigns forever.

But as soon as Jesus was gone, they went after his disciples with the same hatred, jealousy, floggings, imprisonments and killing.  But after they tortured them and killed them, His disciples also shared in His resurrection and now reign with Him forever.

Easter LilySo, when we see so many religious leaders in the Church today who hate the 1800+ year old Latin Mass, (the Mass of all Ages), we should not be surprised.  It is exactly as it was at the time of Jesus.  And when we see so many Catholics hating the Holy Latin Mass, hating to kneeling to receive Jesus and hating priests who condemn sin and immodesty, we are only again seeing the exact same reaction of hatred and jealousy that Jesus evoked from the religious people of His time.  When we see so many Catholics behind the scenes trying to get rid of traditional priests and the Latin Mass, we should not be surprised at all.

But, as Jesus triumphed, by going through His passion and death, we also will triumph though all this persecution and hatred.  And just we need to remember how He triumphed.  It was by suffering with loved.  He forgave from the heart and He went on.

Jesus knew what His mission was.  He did not let the passion get in the way of Him completing His Father will.  He thirsted for the souls of sinners, and shed every drop of His blood, out of love for them, to save them.

the-holy-sacrifice-of-the-mass2Let us traditional Catholic remember that, like the Master we follow, we also will have to suffer.  Religious leaders and people of today, will continue to secretly work against us, behind the scenes, in parishes and chanceries.  We will have every form of obstacles imaginable put in our way.  But we will still stay faithful to our mission, at what ever price, to restore Jesus’ Church and to save of souls.  And in the end, love, truth and life will triumph.