Very Bleak Time When Jesus Was In The Tomb

Jesus died at 3 pm on the cross Good Friday.  He was soon laid in the tomb.  Everything seemed lost, His Kingdom, His words and His power.  His Body laid dead in the tomb from Good Friday evening, all day Holy Saturday and until He Rose from the dead early Easter Morning.  When Jesus said; “Like Jonah, so will the Son of Man will be the heart of the earth 3 days and nights”.

Entombment of Christ_BADALOCCHIO, SistoJesus’ time in the tomb, reminds us that there is something greater than death, the devil and the evil people that arranged His murder.  The Jews and the devil were so happy to see Jesus dead on the cross and then sealed up in a tomb.  The enemies of true Catholic teachings are so happy that they are able to teach false teachings at so many Catholic churches and schools.   But, this too will pass. just like Jesus’ death passed into His triumphant rising from the dead, as He had foretold.

eggcraftA fertilized egg is symbolic of Jesus dead in the tomb.  This is why we have eggs at Easter.  You can not see the chicken developing because it is hidden by the shell.  You can listen shake the egg and there is no sound.  But then, all of a sudden, the baby chick starts to break through the shell, pick, pick, pick and hatches.  A miraculous new life has begun.  You can see this on Youtube.

Egg_ChristSo as we follow Jesus and are betrayed, ridiculed, and crucified for being 2000 year Catholics by people, family and some church members, we remember that Jesus gloriously came out of the tomb.  Our King, Jesus, was betrayed, beaten, spit upon, scourged, lied about, ridiculed and crucified.  Now this same Jesus rose out of all of this extreme evil to live and reign forever.   We also will reign with Our King Jesus Christ.

Let us never forget the great power of Jesus and all His great miracles He did while He was on earth, when He rose, and what He continues to do throughout the history of the Catholic Church.

The greatest miracle come from love.  So we keep on loving no matter how badly we are treated in the Church.  Love sustains us.  Love makes us happy.  Love conquers all things.