Drugs, Sex, Violence, Lawyers or Traditional Catholic Love

As Catholic servants of Jesus, we do our little best to help save souls from hell.

hellissoI tried to go to court today to supporting a family whose son was racing and there was a fatality.  I went after Holy Mass and arrived late.  I ended up talking with a reporter outside the courthouse.  As I did, I saw the young people coming out, it was very sad.  Most were Mexicans (That means they were probably baptized Catholics) and they had tattoos and were dressed very immodestly.

photoOn the way back to St. Catherine’s, I took this photo of this lawyer’s add.  It shows exactly where our society is right now.  Sex, Violence and Drugs.  People are looking for love in the wrong places (Sex outside of Catholic marriage).  People are trying to fill up their emptiness with the wrong thing (drugs).  People are taking out their problems in the wrong way (violence).

Many Catholics thinks it is alright to smoke Marijuana, play violent video games, watch porn, have premarital sex and dress sexually.   And if by any chance we traditional Catholics happen to say anything about the sin of premarital sex, homosexual sex, or modesty, we get terribly persecuted.  We are condemned for not having enough compassion for sinners.

Progressive Catholicism is Permissive Catholicism.  Permissive Catholicism leads to needing lawyers for sex crimes, violence and drugs.

progressI often say:

“Give you children a good religious education or you will have to get them a Good Lawyer”.

“Go to confession or go to court”.

“If you do not call a priest, you will have to call a police”.

So as traditional Catholics we love God’s rules, we love the rubrics of the Holy Latin Mass and we love prayer.  But there also can be a danger for us of only seeing rules and rubrics, while forgetting why we keep them.  We need to remind ourselves that it is very important to do everything because we love God and our neighbor.

Yes, fight for rubrics that keep the Holy Mass sacred.  Teach others about sin and hell.  Fight immodesty and ask people to dress modestly.  But also, don’t forget to bring God’s love into our society so filled with Sex, Violence and Drugs.

The communist are very good at enforcing rules.  But they do it with violence, imprisonment and killing.   Because they are atheist, they do it without God and HIs love.

communism_doesn't_workWe traditional Catholics really do have God, who is LOVE.  For this reason we need to relax in His love and do all things with love and out of love.  Try it.  When you meet the next person, try putting love into the encounter.
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 When you go to Holy Latin Mass, bring along a lot of love.  After receiving Holy Communion, ask for the outpouring of God’s love into your soul and being.  After Holy Mass show love.  When you talk on the phone, show love.  At the store show love.  At work show love.

i love latin massWe are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and have God’s personal love.  Let us enjoy God’s love for us by reminding ourselves to enter into His loving embrace.  Lean your head upon the Jesus’ chest.  Hear His Sacred Heart beating for love of you.  When we relax in His love, we do not need drugs, sex, violence or lawyers.