10 More Wonderful Things About The Catholic Church Before Vatican II

A reader sent me a list to add on to mine.  This is all true.  WE LIVED IT.  WE SAW IT.  And WE HAVE SEEN IT DISAPPEAR.  No one can lie to us and say the Church is doing great today.  But we are doing our part to make it better.  And we are persecuted for it.  But it is well worth it.  Just look at the martyrs that came before us.

1462952_248808221941565_35869607_nAnd here are some more:
1. It was taken for granted that everyone abstained from meat on all Fridays and fasted during Lent. Public schools and national restaurant chains like McDonald’s served fish on Fridays.
2. Priests were always addressed respectfully by their last names, and we stood up when they entered the room.
3. Catholic schools had holidays on Holy Days of Obligation and nobody thought it was odd if kids took the day off from public school.
4. We made the sign of the cross when we passed a Catholic church. Men tipped their hats.
5. You did not have to search for the confessionals. They were prominent, and there were many hours for confession offered.
6. One of the most popular shows on TV was a Catholic bishop preaching (Bishop
Fulton Sheen).
7. Clergy were the heroes of films (e.g. The Bells of St Mary’s,) never the villains.
8. At the end of every low Mass we prayed for the end of Communism in Russia (Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen, St Michael the Archangel) et al.) And our prayers were answered!
9. Parents would always check the Legion of Decency ratings before going to, or allowing children to go, to a movie.
10. Parishioners took a pledge annually to abide by the Legion of Decency. Movie producers knew it, too, and often toned down their films to as not to get an “X” rating.