20 Things I Experience In The Catholic Church Before Vatican II

A young man was listening to me talk to someone about the problems in the our Catholic Church.  He asked me; “What is wrong in the Catholic Church?”

This young man is too young to know how great the Catholic Church was before Vatican II.  Most people were not born then to know how healthy the Church was before.  All they have is now and no experience with what it was like in the Church before 1965.  They assume that the Church was always as it is now and that this is normal.  No, it is not normal.

triumph of the Church_ANDREA DA FIRENZEI did live before that time and am a living witness of how things were.  Here is a list of 20 things I experience then.

1) Many many vocations to the priesthood.
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 Full Seminaries and more being built.

2) Many many young priest.  Most parishes had a lot of priests.  Very few were homosexuals.

3) Everywhere I traveled, Mexico, Europe, Canada there was only one Tridentine Latin Mass.

4) Many many vocations to the religious life.  More and more convents were being built.

5) Nuns wore full habit and could be identified in public.

6) Many many Catholic schools taught by priests and nuns.

Winter Landscape with a Church_FRIEDRICH, Caspar David7) Beautiful church buildings that attracted you to go in and pray before the Blessed Sacrament.  (You could easily find Jesus in the Tabernacle on the High Main Altar and the red vigil lamp).

8) Most Catholics attended the Latin Mass with quiet devotion.

9) Everyone went to Holy Mass in their Sunday best.

10) All women and girls covered their heads with a veil or hat.

11) Women wore dresses to Holy Mass.

12) It was extremely rare to know of any divorced Catholics.

13) All families had a lot of happy children.

14) There were no sex abuse law suits.  (Sad to say there was some sexual abuse).

15) Catholics respected the Pope, bishops, priests and religious.

16) It was unheard of to live together before marriage in the church.

17) Most people went to confession often.

Blessed_Sacrament_fruit_wreath_detail_thumb18) All Catholics believed in the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

19) Catholics believe that the Catholic Church was the Only True Church founded by Jesus Christ.

20) Children knew their faith by studying the Baltimore Catechism (In the USA).

These were the Fruits of the Holy Spirit God produced before Vatican II.  No one can lie to me.  I personally experienced these fruits.  All of you, who are older, tell the true story to others who have absolutely no idea how wonderful the Church was before and how bad things have become since Vatican II.  All the young people know is what they experience today.  They think this is normal.

BlessedVirginMary 2The Catholic Church had problems before Vatican II.  In fact, there have been problems ever since Jesus founded it.  But it was way way better before and I lived those days and remember very well how everything began to change and get worse and worse.

We traditional Catholics are here to scream out loudly that there is a terrible virus, infection (progressive modernism) infecting the Church.  We pray and work to restore to health God’s beloved Catholic Church.  Yes the Gates of Hell will never prevail against Her, but we are the ones, with God’s help, to fight against the devils and the evil people who want to destroy the Mystical Body of Christ.
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