Jewish Rejection of Jesus Causes Temple To Be Destroyed Forever

Through out the Gospels and in particular the Passion Narrative, the rejection of Jesus by the Jews is very obvious.  Jesus foretells this in the parable of the vineyard and the tenants who kill the Son in order to get the Son’s inheritance (Jews).  Jesus says that the King will destroy those tenants and lease it out to other tenants (Gentiles).

destructionof3rdtempleJesus also foretold that the Jewish Temple would be destroyed for rejecting Him and that not a stone would be left upon a stone.  He also told the Samaritan woman that there would no longer be worship in Jerusalem or Samaria, but worship of the Father in Spirit and truth.  John 4: 23.  The Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 AD.

St. Chrysostom says that the destruction of Jerusalem was not just from the power of the Romans, but God’s special providence.  He wanted to stop the animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant that had been replaced by His Son Jesus’ New Covenant when He sacrificed on the Cross and continues this Holy Sacrifice at every Mass.   “As a physician, by breaking the cup, prevents his patient from indulging his appetite in a noxious draught; so God withheld the Jews from their sacrifices by destroying the whole city itself, and making the place inaccessible to all of them.”  St. John Chrysostom.

After Constantine’s death, the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate wanted to help the Jews rebuild their temple to make animal sacrifices agains.  He did this to show that the Catholic teaching that we are the New People of God was wrong and that the sacrifice of Jesus was not the New Covenant.

When they attempted to do this, earthquakes, storms and actual fire balls stopped them from do this.  “This, however, is invariably affirmed and believed by all, that as they strove to force their way in by violence, the <Fire>, which burst from the foundations of the temple, met and stopped them, and one part it burnt and destroyed, and another it desperately maimed, leaving them a living monument of God’s wrath against sinners.” St. Gregory Nazianzen  Julian the Apostate died two years later.

510371-Dome_BST.jpg.540xThen in 689, the muslims build the Dome of the Rock on what the Knights Templars claim was the site of the Temple of Solomon.  So Jesus’ prediction has remained true and there will we no reconstruction of the Jewish Temple.  Many protestants support Israel because the incorrectly say that the second coming of Jesus will only happen when the temple is rebuilt.

Dome_of_Rock_Mt_Olives_2.jpg.540xThe Catholic Church is the new Living Temple (Mystical Body of Christ) not built by human hands and is a living temple.  This Living Temple can never be destroyed or replaced.  It can be disfigured, undermined, but never destroyed.  We traditional Catholics are here to purify and glorify this Holy Temple, the Holy Catholic Church.  We are also here to continue the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ in an un-bloody form in the Sacred Mass of All Ages.