Each One Of You, With God’s Help, Can Do Great Things

In the Book of the Prophet Daniel, we read the wonderful miracle of Daniel being in the lion’s den for 7 days without being consumed by the hungry lions.  Because he resisted the pagan god Bel by destroying the idol, the people pressured the king to have him killed by the lions.  But God miraculously saved him from the lions and also sent the prophet Habacuc to bring him food all the way from Israel to Babylonia.   And to prove that it was a miracle, as soon as the king repented and released Daniel, he put those who demanded his death into the lion’s den, and immediately they were consumed.
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 Daniel 14: 27-42.

daniel_lions_den1christianslionsOne young man willing to stand up against the Babylonian nation.  God does His miracles and in the end the true God is acknowledged and glorified by the king.  Daniel felt very hungry and alone in the lion’s den.  But God showed him that He was with him in his trials and sufferings.
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 God came through in the end.

As each one of us struggles against the tidal wave of the government’s accepting of immoral acts, the Church becoming more and more progressive and society becoming riddled with crime, we can get discouraged.  Listen up!  This discouragement is from the devil.  Do not pay attention to the devil and his minions.  God is a billion times greater.

Our parish received a letter from the president of Ecclesia Dei (USA), Mary Kraychy.  She is stepping down from her position to give over her leadership to a younger couple, Roger and Priscilla McCaffrey.

tumblr_mhcjq6LDCY1r9hvc8o1_500I want to thank Mrs. Kraychy and Ecclesia Dei for all their work they have done to preserve the Latin Mass here in the United States.  Seven years ago, when I was a new comer to the Holy Latin Mass, I ordered their little red (Latin/English) and white books (Latin/Spanish) for the people to have when I would offer the Holy Latin Mass.  This little book would convert many people in my parish, just because when they would read the prayers, they were immediately struck with the profound beauty and sacredness of these prayers.

I want to encourage everyone to give these little books out free of charge.  The cost of $7 is well worth the conversion of one soul.  You can call: (847) 727-7151 to order some.  They also have a booklet for the Holy Latin Mass for the Dead (Requiem Mass).  If you have planned a Requiem Mass for your funeral, or helping someone have a Requiem Mass, it is great to have these books available.

Easter_Holy Sacrifice25 years ago, Ecclesia Dei had no idea that some day their booklets would be so much in demand today.  A few of them worked to keep the Holy Latin Mass alive when in 1988 Pope John Paul II gave the Indult “Ecclesia Dei” for people still attached to the Tridentine Mass to have this Holy Mass offered for them.

At that time in Chicago, they were not allowed to have the Latin Mass in a parish, or on Sundays, only adults could assist, and each name, address and parish had to be submitted to the Chancery Office.  And they went ahead and formed Ecclesia Dei.

I have read marxist, communist, feminist, secularist and homosexual agendas.  One of their axioms is to work for their cause over the long run.  They keep on working, one change, one victory at a time.  They work to change values, word meanings, structures, the media and perceptions little by little.  They are in it for the long hall.

We, who love God, the Holy Catholic Church and the saving of souls, need to be willing to pray and work for as long as God so deems it necessary.  It presently appears that everything is going against us in the Church and in society.  But, as written in the Bible, God always raises up a few good men and women to do what pleases Him.  And He will support these people in the long run.  Miracle have happened, are happening right now and will happen in the future.

Let us never ever forget we have God on our side.  We want to thank all of you who went before us and kept the traditional Catholic torch burning.  Now it is our turn to do what each one of us can do to keep extending the Kingdom of Jesu Christ and the preservation of His Divine Mystery (The Sacrament of the Holy Latin Mass).

We love the Holy Latin Mass because we know that it is so pleasing to God.  But we also love and offer the Mass because it is the most powerful weapon against the devil, modernism and evil rebellious movements.  So, we have the most powerful spiritual weapons, let us continue praying and working for the restoration of the Mystical Body of Christ.

communism_is_evilAs the old civil rights song goes: We Shall Overcome Some Day.  But we in the christian rights say: The Holy Latin Mass Will Overcome Some Day.  Meanwhile we pray and work for repentance, reformation, renewal and restoration of The One, Holy, Apostolic, Catholic Church.  It is so wonderful to be part of the traditional Catholic Church, but it is our difficult responsibility to restore it.  God will overcome some day.