Since Sex Is No Longer To Have Children, We Have Pets Instead

As I was driving to the Abortion mill today, I noticed the sticker on the car ahead of me.
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 Instead of reading, “Honor Student Mom”, it said “Pet Mom”.

photoAt the bank next door they have this picture saying what this middle aged man finds important to save for: his dog.
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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA friend of mine told me he went to a husky pulled sled show.  He was disgusted at the way many of the dogs were dressed in human clothes.  Go to a pet store and see what is on sale for dogs and cats.

I am going to do a blog on Natural Family Planning, birth control and the Catholic loss of love for children (the greatest gift God can ever give us).

Noah's Ark_Entering the Ark_MEMBERGER, Kaspar the ElderPets are wonderful and are a great gift from God.  Dogs can be great companions and watch dogs.  But, when the pet becomes your child, something has been totally forgotten; human companionship and love.