Miracles From Traditional Catholic Faith In Prayer to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, JMJ

Today we were again praying at the abortion mill when a couple came up, knelt down and joined us in the prayer.  It was a miracle that I will explain.

photoBefore Catholic teachers would teach the children in grade school, and all the way up to University, to put at the top of their paper “JMJ” (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) or “AMDG” (in Latin = Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam,  To the greater glory of God).

This was a constant reminder of the power of the mere mentioning of the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  27 years ago I started a home for the homeless named “Jesus, Mary and Joseph Home” that is still housing women and children in Santa Cruz California. They are powerful friends to have to help the poor and to be interceding for us in heaven.

I bring this up, because, like myself, many of you are constantly going through problems. With your church, with your bishop, with your parish, with your marriage, with your family, with your children, with your work, with addictions, with your emotions, with your finances or with your health.  We all have plenty of problems everyday to deal with.  I know that almost all of you reading this have a lot of faith in God and the power of prayer.  But at times we can get very discouraged.  Our problems seem to overwhelm us.

Holy Family_1753_Wadsworth AtheneumSo, recently, I have been learning a new way of turning over my problems to God and I am getting relief and help.  This is what I am doing.

1) I go to the Blessed Sacrament (that is if you can go).

2) I offer, from my heart, the pain or fears or worries I feel right then and put them into the Heart of Jesus.

3) Then I put them into the heart of Mary.

4) Then I put them into the heart of St. Joseph.

And it is working.  I quickly feel the pain, fear, and worry diminish.  I have peace again.

So, I will continue the story about what happened at the abortion mill today.  After we finished praying the Holy Rosary in Latin, I introduced myself to the couple.  They  had been driving by to their parish when they saw us praying and returned, on the very busy street, to come and pray with us.  I explained why we were praying there at the “Family Planning Assoc.” because they kill the unborn babies there.

As I was saying goodbye to them, the mother asked me to please pray for a man who is in critical condition from an accident caused by her son.  I asked her if he had been racing when this accident occurred.  She said yes.

So here is the rest of the story.  Last Tuesday, one of the sons (17 yr. old) of our families here at St. Catherine, was racing this couples son (16 yr. old), and went through a stop sign.  He smashed into a pickup that then hit a older man on the sidewalk.  He died.  But the Emergency Medical Team brought him back to life and he had brain surgery and is still in critical condition.  If the man dies, these two young men could be charged with manslaughter.

mass-purgatory-496504066_88d304cb82Last Thursday evening I offered the Latin Mass (the parents go to the Latin Mass) for their son who was in jail and his distraught parents.  All their friends came and prayed with them.  At 5 am the next morning, he was released from jail without a bail.  Later I heard that there was another young man (the son of the family we met at the abortion mill) who was also involved in the accident and was racing too.

Since then, I have felt called by God to be praying for the man in critical condition.  He is Mexican and probably a Catholic too.  I think of what his family must be going through.  I think about the pain he must be in in the hospital from the impact and surgery.  So I offered my Latin Mass yesterday morning for his intentions and that of his family.

But, I also have been placing this whole situation, with prayer, into the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  And now I have the proof that they are listening.  How can you figure that the parents of the other young man would take the effort to turn around on a very very busy street and return to kneel on the sidewalk with some strangers praying at what just seems like a busy street corner.  God is working.

As we walked from our cars to the abortion mill this morning, another mother told me about a serious problem she is having with her son.  Earlier this morning another mother (who was also praying there at the mill) had told me about the serious problem with her daughter.  Last evening an other one of the mothers there, had told me about a serious problem she is having with her son.  So before praying the Holy Rosary, I said let us pray for all those seeking abortion, but also for all those who are having problems with their children.  All but two of the women there at the mill, go to the Latin Mass.

1456703_253570098132044_1756305275_nI had instructed each one of these mothers to do what I am doing: offering in prayer my worries, pains and sorrows to the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Then have faith.  May each one of you reading this find consolation, help and miracles in the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Now, it is your turn to practice this prayer and letting go and then teach others and encourage others to have faith in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.   It is so wonderful to be a traditional Catholic.