Children Behaving Well In Latin Mass

Here is a comment I received about children behaving in the Holy Latin Mass.  Thank you parents for patiently teaching your children to respect God, the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass and ultimately their very selves.

1001388_248923911929996_1174293849_nI’m sorry for my faulty English. It’s not my mother tongue. But I have to tell you that you’re right both in form and matter.

In form, because your simple posts, writen down in such a humble tone, carry their message, time after time, straight between the eyes. In matter, because they’re true.

Here’s my personal experiencie with the TLM.

I have a son of 12. When he was 9, although he was a well-behaved boy, he used to laught at the very face of his catechists. On top of that, it was impossible to restrain him at Mass. I didn’t understand why.

My wife, convert from left-wing agnosticism, was unable to bear Mass. She could not stand the stark contrast between what the Church teaches us about the Holy Mass and the liturgical actions that our parish priest performed: no altar rail but Sanctissimum side chapel, female acolytes, daliy presence of female ministers of Eucharist, no physical place to get on the knees to receive the Body of Christ, etc.

Then I heard of a TLM within our reach. We started to attend to it. It was another liturgical world that asked us to change everything in our faith, from konwledge to attitude. Our perplexity lasted almost a year and a half.

However, since the very first TLM, my son no longer laught at anybody’s face, much less his catechists’. And behaved himself at Mass. Then my wife stopped complaining about Mass liturgy. And, to my surprise, she started to wear her long forgotten skirts. Moreover, she didn’t get angry at all when I suggested her to use mantilla. However, she still needs a little more time to get into that.

My two little girls, now 7 and 8, took the TLM as a natural matter of fact. It’s far more easy to explain them the Catholic Faith than it was to my son, when we still attended the NOM.

Since we started to attend the TLM, I got used to pray daily the Holy Rosary in Latin. To learn it, I searched the Internet for the audio files of the latin prayers. Then I assembled them and burnt a CD for the car. I started to play it in our way home from school. To my surprise, everybody learnt effortlessly both the Oratio Dominica and the Salutatio Evangelica. It’s such a joy to hear them from childrens’ mouths…

I use to drive to and from the office with the Latin Rosary on because calms me down and fixes my attention to the driving task. To me, it has proven to be an invaluable safety tool.

I owe all that to a corageus priest that decided that the TLM was the best way to go to Our Lord. I can attest that he was as right then as you are right now.

May God bless you, father.”