Traditional Catholics are Saving Eternal Souls By Their Words and Example

Most of us are very concerned about our temporal bodies.  We have yearly medical checkups to be sure that we are doing everything possible to live a long healthy life.  We exercise, we eat healthy food, we take vitamins, we bathe our bodies, we use creams to keep our skin soft and we even go to the dermatologist to get wrinkles removed.  We do literally everything possible, no matter what the cost, to live as long as we can.  But no matter what, one day this body will die, decompose, rot, and turn back into earth and bones some day.

64248_248412811981106_1763913629_nYes, our bodies will be resurrected and be re-united with our bodies at the Second Coming of Jesus.  But they are only the temple of the soul, and therefore are inferior.

On the other hand, our souls live forever.  The soul has the faculties of intellect and will.  When we were baptized, confirmed (and ordained for us bishops and priests), God imprinted a special character on our souls that will last forever.  In heaven or hell that mark will be their.

Do we go to the doctor of our souls every year for a check up?  Why not?  Is not our soul the source of our being, our life.  That is why going on a retreat or to a mission every year is very important.  To take time to be “naked” before God, and honestly make a evaluation of our souls spiritual health.  That is why we should have a holy spiritual director.

Now, for us who are trying our best to be holy and deeply concerned about our souls purity, we are also concerned with the purity of the souls around us.  We want to help others gain eternal life in heaven.  And often we get discouraged seeing the sinful lives (souls) of our loved ones and all those around us in the world.

But I want to encourage each one of you, (and I want to especially encourage you bishops and priests who are worn out doing everything you possibly can to give a good example by the way you live and Catholic truth you preach).  As much as you get persecuted, as much as you are exhausted from all your tireless efforts, (and for you bishops and priests in the confessional, at the pulpit and in counsels), it is working.  People are responding by converting and living holier lives.

Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary_stained glass2Some of the students here at the St. Catherine of Siena Catholic do not like what I have to say about the Latin Mass, dressing modestly, morals and having to go to Holy Mass every Sunday.  If I focus on them, I will get discouraged.

But the fact is that many of the little and big children here at the school are listening and telling their parents.  They are changing and the parents are noticing.  They are also evangelizing their families and friends.

photoWe were so blessed to have 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at the catechism classes given here for our Lenten mission.  We have no idea who was effected.  That is not our concern.  We made it available and now we leave it to the individual student to respond to God or not.  But, I do have faith that God did touch some of them.  And maybe it did not make sense to them now, but later on, they may remember what they learned at the Lenten Catechesis 2014.

The two 7 year Latin Mass altar boys, that I put on the blog awhile ago, are having an effect on their families, neighbors and school mates.  Their parents are telling me about it.

photoSo, all of you who deeply care about the bad crisis that we are going through in the Church and in society, please know that your example, your teachings, are having a effect on someone.  That “someone” has an infinitely valuable eternal soul.  And you, with God’s help, are helping that person get to heaven.

Then that person then will help others, and it is having a domino effect.  God probably does not want us to know all the good that we are doing, so that we do not take all the credit and get big heads.  We need to remember that we are but miserable instruments God is using to help save souls.  We are so fortunate that someone helped us to discover traditional Catholic beliefs and the Holy Latin Mass.  Let us prayerfully and patiently continue to do the same.