22 Reasons For Priests and Bishops to Offer the Traditional Catholic Latin Mass

I have said it many times, and I am going to say it over and over again: There are only two reason to be a traditional Catholic.
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 To save our souls and as many others as possible and because it treats God as God.  So when we are ostracized from our family, our parish and from our church, it is because, like Jesus, we are willing to suffer to save souls and bow down before Our Loving God in adoration.

1912161_294154654073588_1126775504_nSo when people ask me why I would offer the Latin Mass, I patiently and lovingly I explain to them the great beauty of the Latin Mass.

I start by telling them that for 7 years I offered the English, Spanish and Latin Mass side by side.  That is why I offer the Latin Mass.  Here is a list of the reasons I offer the Latin Mass.

easter-vespers-5The rubrics demand that:

1) The priest genuflect every time he approaches the altar, removes the pall, replaces the pall, opens the tabernacle and opens the ciboria.

2) The priest faces God in prayer.

3) The holy Mass is begun by priest and people recognizing that we are sinners and asking for God’s mercy with the confiteor’s serious words said kneeling.

4) The priest says the canon of the Holy Mass in Vox Secreta (very low voice).

5) After the consecration of the Body of Christ, the priest genuflects, raises the Host and then places it on the altar and genuflects again.  The same is done for the consecration of the Blood of Christ.

1902947_290774501078270_1578515309_n6) Bells are used to signify that God is being summoned at the Epiclesis and consecration.  There are other times bells are rung to call more attention to an important time of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass like at the minor elevation of the Host and Chalice.

7) Once the priest consecrates the Body of Christ, he keeps his thumb and index fingers together so that not even one speck of Jesus fall on the altar or ground.  They are kept that way until he purifies his fingers after Holy Communion.

8) Every effort is made to make sure the Chalice will never tip over and spill the Precious Blood of Jesus when taking off or replacing the pall on top of it.

9) When receiving the Body of Christ, the priest places the paten under his chin to be sure not a speck falls on the altar.  The same is done when receiving the Precious Blood.  And the priest only receives the Precious Blood from the side of the chalice that has a cross on it so that when he purifies it on that same side where the Precious Blood flowed over.  The paten is again placed under the chin of the priest while he drinks the ablution from the chalice.

10) Wine is used to purify the chalice so that the wine molecules will attach to the Precious Blood on the walls of the chalice.  Then wine and water are poured into the chalice to purify it again.
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11) The prayers and Roman Canon of the Holy Mass are very ancient and with very profound words.

12) The altar boys kneel most of the time and genuflect to God even more than the priest does.

13) No one is allowed into the sacred sanctuary except the priests and the altar boys.

14) The altar boys kiss the hands of the priest and the cruets.

15) The vestments that have to be used are listed: amice, alb, cincture, maniple, stole and chasuble.  There are definite prayers the priest prays as he vests, asking for protection from the devil, sexual purity and willingness to carry the yoke and burden of Jesus while offering the Holy Mass.  The beauty of the vestments, chalices, patens, palls and linen is unexplainable.

5479792837_92e6656a6116) Everyone kneels and receives Holy Communion on the tongue in adoration and respect of God.

17) Besides everyone that comes to the Latin Mass, even little children, are very quiet and respectful in the Latin Mass.

18) Those who come normally are dress up and modest to come into the presence of the King of Kings.

19) Most people know that they are at the Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary and reverently pray.

20) It is said in Latin, a language reserved for God in the Sacred Divine Liturgy.

21) Prayers are said after mass: 3 Hail Marys, Hail Holy Queen, Prayer for the spreading and protection of Holy Mother the Church, the St. Michael prayer against the devil and the 3 recognitions of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

22) The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass said in Latin has extreme power against the devil and all his co-workers.  The devil hates Latin.  This mass has what is necessary for changing the whole world into Jesus’ Kingdom.  With extreme problems and evil all over the world, in our government,  in our cities and families, we need the big guns to win.  God has given us the re-made presence of HIs Son Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary to continue to destroy the devil’s kingdom of darkness, hate, division, lust, greed and death.

When anyone complains about the Holy Latin Mass, have them study the small red missal and then attend the Holy Mass.  If they are a priest or bishop, have them say the Novus Ordo Mass side by side for 7 years, and them decide.  It is simple scientific evidence in the actual offering of the two Masses side by side.  And we are so fortunate to have discovered the sacredness of the traditional Latin Mass of all ages.