This Lent, Be Stout Hearted and Look Toward the Promise Land of Freedom From Sin

As we continue through our journey of the 40 days of Lent, we are reminded of the devil’s tools that he used to tempt Jesus (power, the flesh, and the world).  But we are also journeying through the desert with the Israelites as well on their 40 year trek and all their temptations.

Lucifer_Becomes_SatanFor Jesus, one of the temptations was to adore the devil.  For the Israelites it was the temptation adoring the gods of Egypt and to return to what was familiar.   As they traveled further away from the pains of slavery, there bodies began to tempt them into going back into bondage under the Egyptians just to satisfy their fleshly appetites.

Moses_destroys_golden_calf_1130-152For us, as we distance ourselves from our sinful indulgences during lent, we are tempted to return to our fleshly passions and the devil.  We so quickly forget the horror of being a slave and begin to only remember the pleasures.  Watch Out!  Do not believe the devil or the flesh when they say go back to sinful pleasures.   It is all an illusion.  It is no fun being a slave, besides all the drama and bad health attached to it.

ashwednesdaypaintingSo at this point in your lenten journey, be sure to spend some time seriously reflecting on how you felt (in you soul) when you were subject to your sinful passions.

Did you have peace?

Were you free?

Were you able to go into deep prayer?

How did you feel before the face of God?

Did your conscience ever bother you?

Were you ashamed?

What was it doing to your family life?

What was it doing to your work habits?

How did it effect your self image?

How was your health?

How much unity did you have with other traditional Catholics?

How much love was there in your marriage?

How much unity was there in your family?

Let us not be fooled.  We are on a dangerous path to escape from the slave master.  He is fast on our heels behind us.  God is cheering us on to freedom as sons and daughters of God.  Let us not throw away our new bought freedom purchased by the Blood of the Lamb and poured out on us in Holy Confession.

ConfessionThe prayers and sacrifices we have making are helping us to say yes to God and no to the devil, the flesh and the world.  You are making progress.  Do not believe the lies of the devil that wants to tell you you are never going to overcome vices and that you can never ever even think of becoming a saint.  May you, no matter what sins you may have committed and confessed, become the great saint God created you to be.
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