Traditional Catholic Order and Revolutional Disorder

God created this wonderful universe in beauty and order.  All things work towards the end for which it was created.  The seasons of the year each has a purpose for producing fruits of the earth for man to be able to eat and survive.  Every cell has its purpose and is working for life and its survival.  Every insect has its purpose in the ecosystem and the food chain.

2602_3_460921bc8bab7The planets have order and beauty beyond understanding.  Their orbits are always the same.  The sun is placed exactly at the distance from the earth to warm and to give life giving energy to sustain life.  Any closer, we would die from heat, any further we would die from cold.

1274717919-traditional-catholic-pilgrimage-reaches-paris-at-pentecost_338050And of course man is designed in such a unbelievable manner.  The more we are studied on the micro level, the greater the complexity and splendor is discovered.  And that we can think, reflect, feel and have a sense of humor.  Our soul is above all the greatest attribute man has.  People who deny the existence of an immortal soul are denying who they are and their greatness.
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 When the soul is in sin, the whole human psyche (Greek for soul) is out of adjustment.  The soul longs for moral order and when it is lost through rebellion, its is sick, depressed.

soulSo, rebellion is creating disorder in a the universe God created in order.  The devil was created inharmony with his nature as a beautiful, intelligent spirit to love and serve his Creator God.  When he broke off from his wonderful angelic nature to try to be like God, he and all the angels that rebelled with him became disordered, lacking good or evil.

damned soulsThe same thing happened when the devil contaminated Adam and Eve with his evil spirit of rebellion.  He talked them into changing their wonderful human nature for an unnatural nature to become like God and to know things they were not made to know (good and evil).  The devil lied to them and said they would become like gods if they were to eat the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.  As soon as they did, disorder with their own nature came into their lives and with the natural world around them.

Since the Novus Ordo (new order) mass of Pope Paul VI of 1969, we see disorder all over the Catholic world.
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 There is great disorder in the New Masses celebrated around the world and in every parish.  People talk in church, dress immodest at weddings, baptisms, 15era’s, funerals and confirmations.  Some stand, some sit, some kneel.  One priests says mass one way and another another way.  There is clapping, cheering, texting and rock music at the Holy Mass.

Cast Out Of HeavenDivorced and remarried out of church receive Holy Communion.  Abortion advocates receive Holy Communion.  Homosexuals who are living together in mortal sin are receiving Holy Communion.  Protestants and muslims are given holy communion.  The Holy Host is found thrown on the church floor or in the wastebasket in the restroom.   Pieces of the Holy Host are on the ground and trampled on because pattens are not used and Holy Communion is given in the hand.  Altar cloths have of pieces of the Holy Host on them.  Host are dropped on the ground and not even picked up by a priest.  The Precious Blood is spilled on the ground.

Catholic schools openly oppose Catholic teachings.  Cardinals, bishops, priests and religious openly dissent with Catholic morals.  Most Catholics disagree with Church teaching especially about birth control.

Now you may not believe that this is really going on in the Catholic Church.  But what I have listed above, every single one of them comes from my personally experience either as a lay Catholic and as a priest.

St._Benedict's_triumphal_ascent_to_heaven_by_Johann_Michael_Rottmayr_-_Melk_Abbey_AustriaNow we turn to the Holy Latin Mass with its orderly rubrics.  What a complete difference.  Every single Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is done with the same order and beauty all over the world.  Go to where ever the Holy Latin Mass is offered and see if there is not this sacred respect and order.  Prove to me that I am wrong.  And all the people I know who love the Holy Latin Mass have such reverence for the Eucharist that they would never ever dare to approach the altar to receive Holy Communion in mortal sin.

formisal9Just look at the pictures to see which mass has more order and beauty.  If you do not believe me then go for yourself and see.  The problem is that most people have never experience the beauty and order and have become accustomed to the disorder of the New Mass.

20131102-IMG_0807So thanks be to God for beauty, order and sacredness.  Let us get back to the nature of the Work of God, Liturgy.  Back to the the order of the Holy Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary in the Holy Mass.  That is its nature; sacrifice, adoration and prayer.

Let us stop trying to be like God and the center of our liturgies.  Our human nature is that of the creature thanking the Creator God for all He does for us.  Let us humble ourselves and let God exalt us by sharing with us His divine nature.  We do not want to grab it from Him or demand it from Him.  We are so blessed to know about the Holy Latin Rites and to know the God is God and man is still man.