Infant Jesus Holding World or Atlas/You Holding World

The homily at this mornings mass inviting people to the Traditional Catholic  Mission here at St. Catherine of Siena, Phoenix Arizona, was given by Fr.
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Sean Kopczynski.  He spoke about the god Atlas being condemned to caring the weight of the world as depicted in many sculptures.  atlas

Then he talked about the Infant Child Jesus of Prague (God) who has a small world easily held in His divine hands.

infant-child-of-pragueHe reminded of where the idea that man is god comes from DesCartes false philosophical teaching; “I think, therefore I am”.  This put man at the center of creation instead of God.   When God spoke to Moses in the burning bush, He revealed His name: “I AM, WHO AM”. So when man says I think, therefore I am, he is putting himself in the place of God.

From this also comes the idea if you no longer can think, you no longer are human and therefore can be euthanized (brain dead, vegetive state).

In the 50’s there was a saying; “Science informs, industry produces, man conforms”.  Instead of letting God conform us into the image of His beloved Son Jesus, we let the world and science conform us to its false image.  And then we become slaves to creation (jobs, loans, internet, drugs, alcohol, clock, the flesh, what other think), instead of creation being the servant of man.  And since man and science think they can do anything, they end up being overwhelmed by the crushing weight of the world they created in their image and has gotten out of control.

So for lent, it is time to let the Child King Jesus to be your King.  Adore Him.  Listen to Him and let Him Rule over you and guide you to heaven.
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 It is so much easier than trying to be god and having the world crush you with its lies and false promises.

Mission begins this evening at St. Catherine Church today Sunday March 23, 6:00 pm