Novus Ordo Mass Nightmare for Traditional Catholic Priest

Literally, last night, I had a nightmare about people at a Novus Ordo Mass.  The church was very modern and I was processing in and an older woman was caring in the Lectionary ahead of me.  For some strange reason it had two microphones on it.  I needed to borrow it from her to use the microphones two times as we processed in.  All of a sudden she gets extremely angry because I had asked to use the microphones.
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 She screams at me and goes into the sanctuary and keeps on telling me how terrible I am for inconveniencing her by needing the Lectionary.  Then literally all hell breaks out and all those at the mass started to get angry with me and shouting at me.
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 They were all old men and women in their 60’s and 70’s.  They were extremely angry at me for being a priest who tries to promote the Latin Mass.  They, as laity, wanted to be in charge and wanted everything their way.

novus-ordoThen, some how, some peace was gained in my dream and a new younger group of people filled the church and there was peace.  I remember seeing all of these people kneeling and quietly praying in the pews.Mass (58)