Miracle Mary can Walk

My good friend’s daughter Mary was born with crippled legs.  Her parents took her to the best specialist at the University of California San Francisco Hospital.  They were told that she would never walk.  We would keep on praying and praying that her name sake Mary would heal her legs.

photoAfter a year of Doctor Appointments, therapy and casts, on December 16th. 2013, she took 2 to 3 steps all by herself.  So while visiting my parents in California, I was able to actually see with my own eyes Mary walk for the first time.  She walks so perfectly.  It was a great joy to see for myself.  I just praise God and Mary and thank them.photo

We need to realize that God and Mary do answer prayers and we should never give up hope no matter how impossible it may seem.  So in order to have more miracles we need to go over what is necessary for it to take place.

1) Pray with blind faith, believing that God, Mary, the Angels and the saints can do anything.

2) Do all the ordinary things we have at our disposition.  Like going to the doctor and doing what they ask.

3) Being patient while waiting for God to answer our prayers.

We can also see this healing in a spiritual sense.  We are all crippled from birth with the sin of Adam and Eve (Original Sin).  But we can be healed and walk normally if we do all that Mother Church offers us.  We get the Sacrament of Baptism when God (through the priest) exorcises the devil out of our souls and bodies and lets the Holy Trinity reform us into the likeness of sons of God.  Then we receive Jesus’ Body and Blood at the Holy Mass so that Jesus may live in us and we in Him.
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 In Holy Confirmation we are further strengthened and sanctified by the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Pietro_Longhi_-_The_Baptism_-_WGA13414If for any reason we may fall down and get injured or crippled by our sins (especially Mortal Sin), we have the gift of Confession to start the healing process again.  Just like any serious bone fracture takes time to heal, so the healing takes time after falling into a vice of sin like pornography and sexual sins (drug, alcohol, gambling, shopping, internet, Facebook, sweets addictions).

You must make a firm break with the sinful actions and all that leads up to them like friends, places and things.  With God’s grace you can and must stop sinning.  So while healing you keep visiting the priest/doctor in Holy Confession to keep the healing process on course.  It is a miracle to stop committing habitual sins.  God, Mary, the Angels and saints want to heal us.

FatimaPictureMany of you reading this are praying right now for some miracle.  You may have asked God why He has not answered your prayers (yet).  In St. Louis Marie De Montfort’s book “The Secret of the Rosary”, he lists 3 reasons why God takes, at times, a long time to answer our prayers.  Here are the reasons:

On the other hand, God’s munificence is shown in His making us seek and ask for, over a long period of time, the grace which He wishes to give us and quite often the more precious the grace, the longer He takes to grant it.  There are three reasons why He does this:

1) To increase this grace still more:

2) To make the recipient more deeply appreciate it;

3) To make the soul who receives it very careful indeed not to lose it — for people do not appreciate things that they can get quickly and with very little trouble.

So, dear members of the Rosary Confraternity, preserve in asking Almighty God for all your needs, both spiritual and corporal, through the Most Holy Rosary.  Most of all you should ask for divine Wisdom which is an infinite Treasure: “(Wisdom) is an infinite treasure” Book of Wisdom 7:14 and there can be no possible doubt that you will receive it sooner or later– as long as you do not stop asking for it and do not lose courage in the middle of your journey.  “Thou hast yet a great way to go.” 3 Kings 19:7.  This means that you have a long way to go, there will be bad times to weather, many difficulties to overcome and many enemies to conquer before you will have stored up enough treasures of eternity, enough Our Fathers and Hail Marys with which to buy your way to Heaven and earn the beautiful crown which is waiting for each faithful Confraternity member.”

sj23-2In this time of lent, go deeper into prayer to God at Holy Mass, the Holy Rosary and do it with faith that God is listening and Mary cheering Him on to help us.  St. Joseph too is such a great helper too.  It is so good to be a traditional Catholic and to believe.