St. Joseph, Example For Holy Men

Scriptures makes is very clear; St. Joseph was a righteous man.  He was a virgin, protected Jesus and Mary and did manual labor.  In a world where men have sold their souls to the “demon of sex”, we love having St. Joseph help young men keep their virginity and help men that are living sins of the flesh back into purity.

st josephWith the pandemic scourge of pornography, God continues to offer us a helper to get out of this terrible enslavement to sinful pleasure seeking.  God puts people and saints in our lives to help us get to heaven.  Since St. Joseph is “Terror of the Demons”, he is perfect to help us get free from all sinful activities.

Every time a man looks at pornography, he is allowing legions of demons into his soul and into his home and family.  St. Joseph knows how the devil works and is always ready to protect men who are suppose to be protecting their wives and children.  So they should be protecting them from devils and evil, rather than inviting these demons into their homes by watching pornography.

St. Joseph is a man of prayer.  He was not a show off man, but one who was always faithful to the laws of God which demand a life of prayer and union with God.  He prayed in the Temple, synagogue and at home.  He knew without prayer, he would not be able to do the great mission God entrusted to him.  Just imagine protecting God as a child and His holy mother Mary.

As a worker, St. Joseph was humble and did things well for love of God.  He trusted that God would provide for Jesus, Mary and himself.  He was never lazy.  But he also knew how to enjoy his life with Mary and Jesus.  That means that he knew how to prioritize those things that were most important.

StJosephHe was not materialistic.

Let us ask St. Joseph to help us get back on the humble road to union with Jesus through Mary.  Take some time to think about changes you can make to be more like St. Joseph and to be able to later, glorified like him in heaven forever.

St. Joseph is also patron of the dying.  May he help us die holy deaths, confessed and in prayer.

For all of us who see so much attacks on the Church, coming from inside and outside, we can relax in the knowledge that St.
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Joseph is the Protector of the Catholic Church.  When we get fearful and sad, let us instead turn and pray to St. Joseph for help for God’s beloved Church.