From Heaven’s Point of View; Time and Traditional Catholics

I am here in Hollister California visiting my 92 year old parents.  I actually drove from Phoenix Arizona to California with my friends in their Semi Truck.  Just looking at all the land, cities, businesses, homes, trucks and cars on the way made me reflect a lot about the passing of time.  Cars were always rushing to get in front of our truck.  I ask myself what is the rush, and where are they going (now and for eternity).

1425746_248657411956646_1005564565_nI wondered what is important for all of these people who seem to be rushing somewhere?  Who will be the owners of these businesses and houses in the future?  Who will be the next president, and the next and the next.  Babies are being born right now and people are dying right this second.  Vanities of vanities.

Right now, as I write, God is watching history unfold again as Russia and the United States struggle for power with the Ukraine.  As you all know, I have given up news for lent and know nothing about what is happening “out there” since Ash Wednesday.  I am very happy to not be reading and keeping up with the news on the computer.  But while out here in California, I took the chance to see my Dermatologist.  While waiting in the waiting room, they had Fox News on discussing that Russia is threatening sanctions against the U.S. and the U.S. threatening sanctions against Russia and the poor Ukrainians seem to be being squished in the middle.  It is hard to discern what is going on.  I do not trust Russia or the U.S. in this situation.  But I do know that most of the Ukrainian people are Byzantine Catholics.

So it would seem that we need to really be praying right now.  We need to pray our Holy Rosaries for them.  And Lent is a wonderful time to pray and make sacrifices for the salvation of souls and peace in the world.

So looking down from heaven on Ukraine, the U.S. and Russia, God just continues to watch history flowing by.  From His (out side of time) perspective, nothing has really changed.

Right from the beginning, Adam and Eve began rebellion and died.  Then came Noah and the flood.
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 Then Abraham, Isaac, Israel and his 12 children and their sins.  Then the prophets who worked against Israel’s constant rebellion and short lived repentance.

As what happens today, the Israelites bought property, planted vineyards and fields, built houses and kings ruled.  There were wars and times of exile.  Nations would come to power and would then disappear.

IMG_6489Then Jesus Christ comes into human history.  He clearly articulates what is holy and what is sin.  He offers a chance to be forgiven and to come into His Kingdom of the Catholic Church by believing in him and obeying Him.   The powerful Jewish religion and Roman government of His time, suppress Him and torture Him to death.  It would seem to be the darkest time in world history.

But just 37 years later, the Jewish power is totally turned over when the Romans destroy Jerusalem and the Temple.  400 years later, that same powerful Roman empire, which had used all its power to torture and kill many of the early Christians, falls.   Then the crushed followers of Jesus begin to rise up out of the catacombs.  And time went on.

There will always be this struggle for power.  There will always be desires for worldly possessions and pleasures.  There will always be good and bad in the world and the Catholic Church.  There will be always good and bad in our family and our each one of our hearts.  Jesus says that the weeds and the wheat will always be together in the Church until the second coming of Jesus.

Sacred Heart_GoodShepherdFlowers-brdr-bBut we need to keep the God’s perspective in mind as we pray and work for the Kingdom of Jesus.  No matter who has the power, the money, the businesses, the buildings, the farms and the property, God has the last say.  No matter who is in charge of the Catholic Church and how many are for, or against Catholic teachings, God will have the last say.

We traditional Catholics know this, but need to be reminded of this divine thread that is sown by the Holy Spirit into all time.  God is ultimately in charge.  It is so important to remember that HE IS DEFINITELY ON OUR SIDE, the side of truth, goodness and holiness.   Right now we do not have power or support.  But we do have God, Our Lady, the angels and saints right by our sides helping us out.

People come and go.  Babies are born and people of all ages die.  And God goes right on.