Letter to Bishop Olson, Papal Nuncio and Ecclesia Dei for Fisher More College

As traditional Catholics who deeply care about truth and the Latin Mass, we need to help each other out.  We also need to do it with great charity and clarity.  So I just would like to suggest that when ever this problem at Fisher More College, we write to Ecclesia Dei in Rome to let them know what is happening.  Fisher More College should write to them too. Ecclesia Dei was set up to help and protect us who love the Traditional Latin Rites.  So we should start with them.  Always write short letters with pertinent facts contained in them.  Here is their address:

Ecclesia Dei, Pontificia Commissio Ecclesia Dei, Palazzo della Congr. per la Docttrina della Fede, 00193 Roma Italy.

1422632_249797465175974_1361071215_nThen we should write to Bishop Olson kindly asking for clarification on why there can be a Novus Ordo Mass and not a Latin Mass.  This letter should be short and to the point.  We can not claim things we do not know, so avoid these issues and just keep to the Latin Mass issue.  You may want to call Bishop Olson at (817) 560-3300 or write to him at his Address:

Diocese of Fort Worth  800 W. Loop 820 S.  Fort Worth Texas 76108

The Papa Nuncio to the United States is Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.  It would also be good to write or call him.
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 His phone # is (202) 333-7121.  His address is:

3339 Massachusetts Ave. N. W.  Washington D.C. 20008

In your letters it would be good to share you concerns about what happen to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and now Fisher More College.  Maybe remind them of Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum and Ecclesae Universae.  You may even want to send a copy with the parts highlighted that pertain to these two situation, or just quote from the two Vatican documents.
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Above all things, we need to pray, knowing that God and Mary already see what is going on and is on our side.  We pray and act in faith that God will take care of us.