Adore The True God or the Lier Devil

When Jesus had fasted and prayed for forty days and forty nights in the desert, He was physically weak, but spiritually strong.  I think the devil decided to attack Him at this time because he perceived Jesus’ physical weakness and hunger.  I believe that devil cannot see into our souls to be able to see the spiritual strength that we have or do not have.  He can only work on and guess from our apparent exterior actions and words.

JesusCastingOut_satanAgain the devil took him up into a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them.  And said to him: All these will I give thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me.  Then Jesus saith to him: Begone Satan: for it is written, The Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and him only shalt thou serve.”  Matthew 4: 8-10

So the devil, fooled by Jesus’ weak physical condition, attacked Him at the worst time ever to overcome Him with temptations.  But Jesus was full of spiritual strength from the prayer and fasting.

What really strikes me is how the devil actually tempts Jesus to fall down literally to adore him.  Instead of the devil adoring God, he wants God to adore him.  The creator adoring the creature, instead of the creature adoring the God who created him.

The prize offered to Jesus for adoring the devil was all of the kingdoms of the worlds and their glory.  Many people today want to adore the devil so that they will be given fame, glory and money.  We see this in the movie stars, singers and musicians, who are selling their souls to the devil and worshiping him so as to become rich and famous.  We see it also in the youth today, all over the world, selling their souls by becoming part of the Illuminatti.

illuminati-1Adore the devil and receive “glory” in this life (for a few years), but only to be later damned forever to the torture of the eternal fires of hell.  People fall for the devil’s temptation because they really do not believe in life after death or that anyone really goes to hell.
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 Or they believe that what ever comes later doesn’t matter, all that matters is obtaining pleasure right now and deal with the pains of hell later on (thinking it will never happen).

So, just who is this devil and his minions who are suppose to give you all this fame and money?  Is he some kind of benevolent spirit that goes around helping everyone get rich and famous?  Is there really no cost?  Where does he live?  How come he is a spirit?  Don’t spirits live forever?  What does he really look like?  How does his voice sound?  How do you make a contract with him?  Why in blood?  Is the Bible wrong when it called him “a liar and the fathers of all lies”?  John 8:44.

Temptation of Christ_Christ Dismisses the Devil_stained glass_Leeds CathedralAre you dead certain that he is the father of truth?  After all, you are making a deal with him in exchange for something that, after you die, puts your eternal soul in hell forever.  How do you really know that you can trust him to fulfill his part of the deal?  How many people do you personally know people who were given riches and fame and live happily ever after?

The real truth is that you are placing your eternal destination upon a liar’s promise of something completely nebulous in this world.   In return for you worshiping him and giving him your soul, you have accepted to be damned in the next world forever.

I think it is a good idea to check out what really is happening everyday in Hollywood, New York and around the world to these famous people who have used their God given talents to destroy youth, attack the Catholic faith, teach sexual perversion and destroy wholesome family life.  The facts are very clear, and you are a complete fool to ignore them.   Most of these people have terrible relationships, divorces, drug and alcohol addiction and a high rate of suicide or premature deaths from drug and alcohol abuse.

Are they really remembered that long after their tragic deaths?  What happens to all their money and mansions?  What happens to their bodies?  The scientific truth is that they rot in the grave just like every other dead body.   And their souls rot forever in hell with their “good friend” the devil.

pascha-resurrection-of-christ-triptych-icon-563Jesus offers us a different life here, filled with joys and sufferings.  But then, after a short time, joy and love forever with Him in Heaven.  The Bible says Jesus is “the Way, the Truth and Life”.  I believe Him, because all that He predicted came to pass exactly as He said it would, especially His rising from the dead after being killed on a cross.  All the eye witnesses (The Apostles) ended up being tortured to death for preaching the truth that they saw: Jesus dead dead dead on the cross, and then alive alive alive, appearing to them for 40 days after finding the empty tomb.

He does not demand a contract signed in our blood.
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  He signed our ransom papers to free us from the devil and sin in His own blood on the cross.

Who is this Jesus?  How does He look like?  What does He offer us here and in the eternal life to come?  What does He ask of us in return?  Jesus asks us to turn away from sin, the devil and to follow Him in holiness.

How are the true followers of Jesus dying?  From overdoses, addictions?   Are they having divorces?  Yes their bodies rot too after death, but there souls live in the mansion that God has prepared for them for all eternity in a bliss that is a billion times greater than anyone can ever imagine, and it is forever too.  That is why it is so great to be a traditional Catholic and know the difference between the lies of the devil and the truth of Jesus Christ our King.