Traditional Catholic Pro-Life Holistic God Approach

Janet Baker posted a great comment/meditation for all of us Catholics who have been for years and years praying at abortion mills.  We need to reevaluate all we are doing.  Most people are sacrificing money, time and prayer to stop abortion.  Thank you for all that.  But we always can learn more on how to do it God’s way to really have success.

LIFE-GENDER“I also have spent many vigil hours outside abortuaries, but ultimately I have felt that Catholics there were not addressing all the problems that in reality we are bound in charity to confront. There is no attempt by any Catholic pro-life organization to get a saved baby baptized, nor to convince the mother to convert her life, or parents to regularize their relationship. “Catholic” women’s centers are Catholic in the back of the house, but offer only secular ‘counseling’ to clients, in addition to the diapers and baby items. The regularly promoted ‘counseling’ for post-abortion women at the various vineyards is also only secular counseling, and quite worthless, and may even interfere with true contrition for their sin. (This is the same kind of counseling that was and probably still is offered to abuser priests, with absolutely no success, as recent press coverage in Chicago continues to expose.) Nor is contraception ever mentioned at the 40 Hours or any other pro-life gathering. There is no sustained commentary on the necessity to restore true marriage as part of the solution to abortion. And perhaps worst of all, there is no attempt to enunciate and promote economic policy conducive to marriage and parenthood, no promotion of economic and consequent political alternatives to the set up in which we are locked–when the recognition that the restoration of Christ to His social reign might be the first order of the day (it is those economics of which I speak, not the protestant free market cruelty which we are forced to support at present, without alternatives, in trade for some future pro-life vote, which so far has not delivered the goods). The pro-life movement focuses on abortion. I suppose it is seen as some kind of virtue in strategy. Perhaps when those limited efforts result in apparent success, and abortion is rolled back in every single state, as appears almost possible at the moment with twenty two states considering pro-life measures, the pro-life movement will go home, and China will begin its practice of forced insemination as easily as it pursued its policy of forced abortion all the years. Because forces beyond us, forces of profits and exploitation, are turning against abortion now that it is hurting the bottom line (even in China, for those who have followed the demographics). Stalin and Hitler both legislated against abortion, we must keep that in mind.
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To be against abortion, with no further demands, does not make a movement Catholic, just easy.” 
See her blog here.