40 Days for Life

Thank you to all who organize the 40 Days for Life.  Thank you for all of you who will help out.  Our goal is to pray and help someone not murder their child and have to regret it the rest of their life.  Here is a comment from the Phoenix Arizona 40 Days for Life:

LIFE-GENDERDay 1: Today when I was at the site praying a car honked at me coming out of the premises. (Remember this is also a medical specialist building.)  When I looked up I saw an older woman making the sign of the cross to bless me, then we waived at each other as she drove away.  I then came to realize that this generous person who bestowed me a blessing was the wife of my old biology teacher from high school, and parishioners of my former parish, St. Catherine of Sienna… Then, later I had another gentleman inquire with me on the type of prayers that I was praying.  After relaying that I was praying Psalm 139, he said “Thank you and God Bless!”  and asked for a copy of my 40 Days for Life flyer… But, sadness and reality came when I saw two young men driving out of the premises with a very young woman curled up in the back seat holding her stomach.  It was a familiar scene that I’ve seen before after someone has had an abortion, and I was immediately reminded of why I was out there praying… If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so at the Vigil Calendar and help be a light in the darkness.