Lent; Time for Traditional Catholic Mercy For a Morally Sick World

All of us traditional Catholics, you could say, have almost too much mercy and compassion.  I say this, because we are very very worried about the spiritual and physical well being of the Church, the world, the family and every individual person.

True Catholic mercy is based on spiritual compassion.  I make this distinction, because there are two types of compassion.  One can be moved with compassion on seeing a skinny dog eating garbage.  And that compassion is good, but only natural.   The other is being moved by seeing people suffer from living sinful lives.  This is spiritual compassion where the spiritual symptoms and causes of suffering are addressed and eliminated.

Rubens Workshop_S. Teresa of Avila interceding for souls in Purgatory_Met_1630-33Natural compassion is more interested in eliminating suffering right now.  This is done with only human wisdom, and without the aid of divine wisdom.  Give the dog some food right now.  Or, like when the communist stoled the property and possessions of the rich to supposedly give land to the poor (but really just to the state).  They then that didn’t work, they went on to torture, imprison and slaughter them along with the religious and educated.  They tried to bind up the wound of poverty, without to getting rid of the cause of the wound (sin).  They dealt with and tried to alleviate the symptom (poverty) rather than the cause (the sin of greed).

communism_is_evilThe Marxist do not believe in God.  They therefore deny the reality that suffering and poverty comes from the fallen nature of man as a result of Adam and Eve’s sin.  They deny the reality of original sin which causes man to be selfish.  Original sin also makes man think he can be self sufficient without God.   Instead of blaming fallen man, they blame religion (God) .

They believe that poverty comes from the poor not fighting to get their part of the worlds wealth.  And they do not fight and kill in order to get what is by rights theirs because of their religious beliefs.  Therefore they passively tolerate oppression in the natural world while waiting for the supernatural riches of heaven.

The reality is that it is sin and selfishness that cause poverty and every other problem in the world.   The Marxist experiment of imprisoning, starving, and slaughtering 125,000,000 religious, the rich and educated miserably failed.  Marxism only made Russia poorer and more corrupt.  Even today there is much corruption, alcoholism, ugliness and poverty left over from their Godless communist government.

communism_doesn't_workChina and North Korea are still extremely oppressive governments.  Yes, China is having economic success right now.  But meanwhile, what is the price every person is paying by being constantly watched, only having one child and living in pollution.  What does the future hold for them?  North Korea is a terrible place to live, with starvation, poverty and suppression.  Godless communism oppresses freedom and the human soul.

The crucial fact that is overlooked by communist, socialist and many modernist Catholics, is that man is a composition of both soul and body.  So when we have compassion and want to act out of mercy, we need to look to the creator of our body and soul.  Then we can see clearly that all physical and spiritual suffering comes from rebellion against God.  Social and familial disorder comes from breaking His loving rules.

A 7 year old Latin Mass Altar boy just told me that his dad just got remarried to a woman with two daughters.  His mother is going to get married to another man.  Mercy and compassion cares about this little boy having to deal with two homes, two step parents and two step sisters.  It is absolutely not normal or healthy for any child to have to be in this situation.  At 7 years of age, you can not blame his suffering on him.  No, his parents are to blame by sinning.  They had relations without the permanent sacrament of matrimony.  They fought and separated.  They united again with other partners.  And the little children suffer and suffer.  And the effect goes on and on in the broken children.

Where is the compassion and mercy for the children of divorced and re married couples.  Where is the worry over the financial problems of all these law cases and child support.  How about the extremely high statistic of step daughters being sexually abuse by their stepdads.  I have to hear about it over and over and have to try to help these girls and women heal from their extreme woundedness.  Where is the compassion for a broken society full of criminals from broken families and single mothers.

So for lent let us begin studying and praying to understand God’s wisdom on how each one of us is causing suffering by our personal sins.  Then let us use this divine wisdom to address the social, familiar and religious ramifications of these sins.  This is true mercy and compassion.  Just loving the sinner and letting them go on destroying themselves, their family and society is not compassion or mercy.

Christ the good shepherd stained glass 2So a good pope, a good bishop, a good priest, a good religious, a good teacher, a good parent, a good brother, a good grandparent, a good godparent and a good friend is going to help the soul of all those who are under their care.  This is what it means to be a good shepherd to the sheep who are without a shepherd.  And then they go on to deal with the temporal needs of those around them.

In this time of lent, thank you to you priests who are spending so much time hearing confession and giving clear spiritual direction.  This is of utmost eternal importance.  Thank you to all of you who are lovingly telling your family and friends what is sin and are helping them to make heart felt and sorrowful confession.  And of course, we will also do what we preach and work on rooting out all that is not of God in us.  And then we plant the seeds of the Holy Spirit so that we will have an over abundance of new life by Easter.