What Traditional Catholic Priests Need to Prepare for Ash Wednesday

I know that most of us traditional priest are busy and still learning.  I am not sure this is exactly right, but I thought I would help you busy priests get ready for Ash Wednesday.  Here are a few suggestions.  This is for a low Latin Mass.

Ash-Wednesday-1Before the Latin Mass for Ash Wednesday these things need to be prepared.

1) Vessel of Ashes to be Blessed placed on the Epistle (Right) side of the Altar.

2) Open the Corporal on the Altar, the Burse standing left of Tabernacle, Veiled Chalice on Corporal on the Altar. (Exactly as if for a Missa Cantata.)

3) Holy Water and Incense ready.

4) Purple Cope, Stole and Vestments (Chasuble and Maniple set out on Sedilia).

5) Small Card with Prayer to be said as priest applies Ashes to each person saying: “Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris.”  Start practicing this now so that if possible, by Ash Wednesday it is memorized.

6) Card with antiphon only of “Asperges me…” to be said while blessing ashes with Holy Water.

7) Picture, Bowl, lemon and towel to wash fingers after applying ashes placed on credence table.

Vested in purple cope, the priest processes in and genuflects, he then go to the Epistle (right) side of the altar to bless and incense the ashes.  He faces the altar and says the four prayers.   He blesses the ashes three times with Holy Water while he recites the Asperges me.  Then he incenses the ashes.  Then who every is highest in the hierarchy present at the Holy Mass, applies the ashes to the forehead of the priest.  (For most of us, it will be altar boy #1.)  The priest thens puts the ashes on the altar boys and the faithful kneeling down at the altar rail.

After all have received ashes, the priest says the last prayer. D. V. Oremus. Concede…  Then he goes to the Sedilia, washes his fingers, takes off the cope and puts on the Maniple and Chasuble.

There are no prayers at the foot of the Altar.  Holy Mass begins with the Introit at once.

No Gloria or Credo.

At the end of the Holy Mass, after the Post Communion Prayer, there is a prayer prayed over the people.  “Bow down your heads before God.”  It sure is a lot of work to be a traditional Catholic priests.  But it sure is a great blessing too.  Thank you to all you priests who are trying so hard to learn the Latin Mass and to those who are persecuted for preserving what Pope Benedict called the “great treasure of the Latin Mass”.