Catholic “Sexual Skeletons in the Closet” and the News Media

Every person, every family, every government, every school, every news reporter, every lawyer and every church has some sinful scandal.  As the saying goes; “A skeleton in the closet”.  This saying probably came from murdered people, hidden away and later being discovered.   Or it could have come from an unwanted pregnancy ending with the murdered baby being stuffed in the walls, and later, when remodeling takes place, it is discovered.

There is also a thought that it comes from Edgar Allen Poe’s work; “The Black Cat” from 1845.  “Gentlemen, I delight to have allayed your suspicions”, and here, through the mere frenzy of bravado, I rapped heavily upon that very portion of the brick-work behind which stood the corpse of the wife of my bosom. The wall fell bodily. The corpse, already greatly decayed, stood erect before the eyes of the spectators.”

Death_Dance of_stained glass_detailEver since Adam and Eve, there have been many many hidden scandals in the world and in all our families.  The first scandal began when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.  The very first thing they did was to try to hide their sin from God.  It did not work.  God knows everything, done in the open or in hiding.  God called out to Adam; “why are you hiding from Me?”  God exposed Adam’s nakedness and sin, to his total embarrassment and shame.

Then we have the next scandal of Cain killing his brother Abel.  He also tries to hide it, but Abel’s blood cried out to God and Cain’s crime was discovered and punished.

We always seem to think that somehow or other we can get away with our hidden evil actions.  We think we are so clever, that we can easily conceal them and no one will ever know.  But, sooner or later, they are discovered.   If they are not discovered in this life, they will definitely be uncovered in the next life.

Another way of hiding our scandals (sins) is to justify them by calling them “normal” (everyone is doing it).  We build up a big “theology” around our sins, so as to make them not sins anymore.  Now we can “come out of the closet” and now we no longer have to hide any of our skeletons in our closets (just incase someone might discovered them).

So the Catholic Church, like every other family, institution and religion, has plenty of “skeletons in the closet”.  We keep very good records on every misconduct of bishops, priests and religious.  Most other churches do not keep records that can be subpoenaed.  We do.  It is a good thing that we have such minute record because God is keeping an even more accurate record.

Death_Dance of_stained glass_detail2The Catholic Church is the oldest institution ever in human existence.  We are proud to be a well organized and centralized institution (all roads lead to Rome).  We are the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.  This means that we are united all over the world under Rome.

Most other churches are independent and not centralized.  In this way they are not so vulnerable to lawsuits.  Let us take the muslims for an example.  I would imagine that most mosques have similar beliefs, but are not under any one umbrella of one institution all over the world.

muslimsOver 2000 years of time, a great deal of church buildings and wealth has been accumulated.  Holy people have left their estates to the Jesus’ Church.   There are also Canon laws that regulate how all church money and possessions are to be handle.

Because of this, most people see the Catholic Church as an elite church with lots of money and property.  We definitely do have a great deal of churches, schools, hospitals and convents.  If we were to add up their value, it would be in the billions.  We also use much of what we have to take care of the poor for free all over the world.

So when it comes to our “sordid sexual skeletons in the closets”, the Catholic Church is an easy target to win law suits from and get money.  This is because of, as I said before, our detailed records we keep on each person and the Church’s accumulated land and wealth.  (I am not at all in favor of saving up money that will be put into annuities to draw interest on.  I am in favor of saving up money for a specific project for the good of the Catholics and other people.)

The news media loves to expose what people are interested in, especially sex scandals.  And it is a terrible thing that we Catholic priests have broken our vows of chastity in the most horrible way as to sexually abuse children, young adults and adults.  The media and the world have a right to be “scandalized” by our terrible sins.

We are not secular teachers who also sexually abuse children and minors.  We are not sport coaches that sexually abuse children.  We are not fathers and friends who have sexually abuse children and minors.  We are so much more.  We are followers of Jesus Christ that have taken vows to be sexually pure.

Coronation of Pope Paul VI, 1963We are not just anyone.  We are bishops, priests and religious.  We are Alter Christi.  We represent Jesus Christ here and now.  So our behavior is to be way way more holy and accountable than that of other secular people.  For this reason the news media can get huge coverage when we fall and sin sexually, especially in such horrible ways.   And rightfully so.  It is unimaginable that we would behave so sinfully and then hide it, by moving guilty priests from place to place.  (But we should never share false gossip and false accusations.)

But all that being said, the news media also loves to attack the Church of Jesus Christ because it is the bastion of Divine Truth.  The world news media is owned by huge corporations that hate the Catholic Church and are very much out to destroy Her.  We are the “Word of God” to the world that pricks the conscience of evil people and secret groups, such as the masons.  Our international character is very threatening to their desire for a one world order, (like the Illuminati want).  So they will use our “sexual skeletons in the closet” to discredit us and to destroy us financially.

But Jesus also had a “money skeleton in the closet” hidden amongst His 12 apostles, named Judas.  All throughout the history of the Catholic Church, there has been good and evil, saints and sinners.  Jesus promised that not even the Gates of Hell would destroy the Church that He built on the Rock of St. Peter.   Neither the devil, nor the evil people, inside or outside of the Church, will ever destroy what God has built.

But we still need to be very humble and apologize to the world for our “sexual skeletons in the closets”.  And we need to repent and reform the Church so that it does not happen again.

Modernist TaxiWe also want to resist the further secularization of the Church.  We want to remove the modernist’s ideologies that have crept into the Church.  These ideologies give justification to homosexual and other sinful activity.  Just read today what the higher up modernist in the Church are saying about not judging homosexual priests and supporting homosexual unions.  Justifying this sin, leads to sexual abuse of minor men by priests, which then leads to the media’s attack of the Mystical Body of Christ.

At the General Judgement at the end of time, all of our “skeletons in the Closets” will be made known.  Hopefully we have repented by then and have confessed them with great sorrow and resolution to never commit these sins again.

That is why we love traditional Catholic teachings and rites.  Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi.  How we adore and pray to God, helps us maintain the true teachings of Jesus and His Church.  In this way, there is no more justification of sin, and hopefully no more terrible scandals that the news media can use to defame Jesus’ Immaculate Bride.

We Catholic priests, traditional or not, are weak sinners.  Therefore we need to be humble, prayerful and close to Jesus to stay chaste.  Mary, recourse of sinners, pray for us.