10 Ways Being Traditional Catholic Priests Helps To Be Chaste And Not Cause Scandal

As a Catholic priest, I have a duty to apologize for all the horrible crimes that we priests have done.  But, I also have the obligation to humbly pray that I stay faithful to my own vows of chastity.

priest image vBeing traditional Catholic priests really helps us priests to be more faithful to the vow of chastity.  I say this because we take our Catholic teachings on sexual morality serious.  We preach it, and of course, we try to live what we believe and preach.

Here are 10 helps that we traditional Catholic priests have to help us stay chaste.

1) Offering the Holy Mass with as much love and devotion as possible.  All graces to be chaste come from God.  This intimacy with Jesus in the Holy Mass helps us priests to fall more and more in love with Jesus.  And the more we fall in love and respect Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, the more we automatically want to obey Him.  Offering the traditional Latin Mass takes great discipline on the part of the priest by humbly obeying each exact rubric.  Having to follow each one of these precise rules helps us to also be disciplined in our personal lives.  We also take very serious the rule to never offer the Holy Mass in the state of mortal sin, especially sexual sins.

Mass_pious picture2) The great discipline and sacrifice of praying the Breviary in Latin.  This discipline not only gives us graces to not sin, but also keeps us focused (all day long) on Our loving God.
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 In the psalms we are constantly reminded of eternal truths.  We are reminded of who God is and that He is both loving and a very strict disciplinarian.  The divine wisdom contained in the psalms remind us that God is all powerful.  We see the transience of time and life.  We are shown how the rich and powerful are here today and forgotten tomorrow.  We are taught that the holy man is blessed and that the wicked are chastised.  The holy psalms also remind to help us avoid sin and to instead seek God.  They also tell us that God made us and all of creation and without Him we are nothing.  These reminders help us stay focused on what is important in this fleeting life.

3) Hearing and Going to Confession often.  The graces given to us when we frequent the Sacrament of Confession gives us more strength when the temptations come.  For this reason we want to go to Confession often and even when we have not sinned seriously.  Hearing hours and hours of confessions helps us to see that sin destroys the lives of those who sin.  This helps us avoid the same sins.  By giving advice to others to avoid sin, we are helped to also avoid these same sins.    We also remind ourselves that we are but wretched sinners, and if it were not for the grace of God, we too, would be committing horrible sins.  We want to get rid of all pride and become humble servants of God and Mary.

4) Believing in the truth of the Holy Bible and reading it.   By us having so much faith in the Holy Bible it re-enforces our belief in God and in all that God has revealed to us in Holy Scriptures.  This convicts us of the truth of the Ten Commandments and everything that Jesus spoke of in the Holy Gospels.  We believe in the Epistles too and what they say about sin and living a spirit filled life.

5) Believing 100 % in the existence of hell, purgatory and the devil.  This helps us so much, because we know that there are extreme eternal consequences for our action, especially our sexual sins.  We believe in the message of Fatima where Mary said most people go to hell for the sins of the flesh against chastity.  We have holy fear of offending God by sinning and being chastised by Him forever in the flames of hell for all eternity.  We know that there is no escape from hell, once condemned to it.  We also pray for the souls in purgatory and know we too will make up for every minute defect and sin we have not repented of and payed for here in this life.

6) Love for Mary, the Angels and all the Saints.  We believe so strongly in the power Mary has been given by her Son Jesus to help us stay sexually pure and holy.  We read and study the lives of the saints.  We are convinced that Mary and the saints have so much to teach us by their examples and writings.  Being surrounded by the saints helps us want to be holy and to be with them in the glory of heaven.  We call on St. Michael and all the Holy Angels to help us in time of temptation.  They are our friends, always there to lift us up to the things of God.

Mary Queen of Heaven_Unknown Master7) We love, believe in and study the 2000 year old teachings of the Catholic Church.  We humbly admit that we are not the source of truth and reality.  We have learned that there is so much goodness and truth in the 2000 year old magisterium of the Church.  We reject what has been recently change (and still is being change) to appease the ever changing humanistic and heretical world.  We so love our Catholic Church that it gives us great sorrow when ever scandal is caused by the sins of a priest.  These sordid scandals smear the All Immaculate Bride of Christ with the most terrible stains and give rise to hatred and ridicule of the Mystical Body of Christ.  We love our Catholic Church and Jesus, so we try every way possible to be pure examples of Altar Christus in the world.

8) We make time to pray.  We know that without prayer we are lost.  So we make our holy hour to be sure we know why we are priests after all.  We are priests because we believe in and love Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.  And we know that if we do not spend time with God, we will forget who God is, who we are and why we are priests.  We also know that when we are tempted we need to fall on our knees in humble supplication, begging for the strength to not sin.  The Holy Rosary is very important for our own and the world’s sanctification.

heaven-sign9) We make time to help our parishioners get to heaven.  We are so busy helping our parishioners get to heaven by being involved in catechism and the schools.
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 We rush to give Extreme Unction to the dying.  We work to keep our staff close to God and loving to all nationalities that come to us.  We schedule plenty of Confession times and will listen to all we can, even when not on the schedule.  This keeps us so tired working for God we do not have that much time to be tempted.  We do not want to over work.   But if that is what it takes to save souls, we are more than happy to make the sacrifices necessary.   We love everyone, the sick, the poor and the sinner.

10) A burning desire to save souls.  We know that life is short.  Death is certain.  And eternity is forever.  Therefore we do everything we can to save souls.
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 And that begins with our own souls.  We see how sin is destroying the Church and society.  So we do not want to contribute with our own sins to this demise.

mass-purgatory-496504066_88d304cb82May all of us traditional priests and Catholics humbly united ourselves to the Humble loving Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Thank you to all of you bishops and priests who have tried to so hard to live holy chaste lives in the service of Jesus and His Church.  God will reward you eternally.  And we pray for our own deeper conversion and the conversion of all those who are not living their vocation in chastity.  Mary, Help of Sinners, Pray For Us.