Pray for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to Pass Religious Freedom Bill

The Arizona Legislators have passed a bill that allows business to not violate their religious conscience and to not have to do business with people that they see as immoral.  An example would be a wedding cake or taking photos for homosexual unions.   Another example is not allowing homosexuals to sleep together in a bread and breakfast.   The bill is written to protect these people from law suits that can literally put them out of business.

Christian_Martyrs_Last_Prayer_Baltimore, Walters_1883Now on Friday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is going to sign the law or veto it.  There is a massive group demanding that she veto the bill because it is against civil rights.  Next year’s Super (Stupid) Bowl is planned for here in Phoenix Arizona.  They are using that to say they will boycott it, move it and many other things.

The media is labeling it a “anti gay law“.  But the fact is that this law is a Pro-Christian law. The ability to sue and destroy a christian business because they will not violate their christian conscience and morals are Anti Christian Laws.

In the eyes of God, homosexual relationships are very sinful and cry out to God.  There are still many christians who have not thrown the Word of God down the sewer, yet.  They are simply asking for religious freedom to not have to break the commandments of God in supporting something God hates.  God and we love the homosexual, but hate the sin.

Throne of God_French Miniaturist_1400Quickly, what once was a christian country, the United State of America, is passing more and more laws that discriminate against christians.  They use the excuse of prejudices against homosexual sinners and those who kill their babies in the womb.

This logic can be used for anything.  We can say that laws against prostitution are hate laws because they are prejudice against consenting adults who like to pay for sex and the prostitutes who want to be paid.

When morals are based on humans deciding what is right and wrong, than anything goes, as long as it is popular.   Right now you have to file your income tax forms.  If not the IRS will go after you.  We can say that these laws are hate laws because they force people to pay taxes who do not agree with paying taxes.  Or the Mafia can say that there is prejudices against them because they are not allowed to launder money.

MexicanMartyrs051711On what basis do we know what is correct?  It has to be based on the Divine Laws of God.  If not, it is constantly sifting sand moving where ever the political power may be situated.  In a democratic country, it use to be what ever the majority of people believed in and voted for.  But now, in our case here in the United States, the judges have taken over all the power, no matter what people democratically vote for, and the courts now decide.  Or it could end up being a powerful dictator deciding what is to be enforce or not.

Say that the governor approves what the legislators voted for (protection for christian business).  Just watch and see that the courts will over throw the law as unconstitutional.  Yet our constitution gives religious freedom, precisely because it was developed by people who had escaped from religious persecution in England.

So what can we do as traditional Catholics.  This morning I offered the Holy Latin Mass for the upholding of God’s laws and in particular here in Arizona.  I also am offering up my Holy Rosaries for this intention.  Then I will go tomorrow to pray at the Legislature building.  I will talk about it to whom ever will listen.  I have email Gov. Jan Brewer (Here).

martires de SahuayoMexican Martyrs from the Cristeros.

In the mean time we absolutely do not get discouraged.  We keep having faith and hope in the truth that God does always has the final say.   We love God and humbly obey His laws no matter what happens to us.  We traditional Catholic know history.  We know that the great Roman Empire eventually came crumbling down, as has happened to every empire that is not built on God’s Divine laws.  But, in the mean time the Catholic martyrs were imprisoned and tortured to death by the Romans rather than obey their false gods laws.

Jesus promises us who follow Him, eternal life.  This life is short.  Death is certain.  Eternal life is for ever.  That is why we put our trust and faith and hope in Jesus rather than the vanity of men and their ever changing laws.