To All Traditional Priests: God and Mary are With Us, Be Encouraged.

Here is a note from another priest who loves the Church, Truth and Tradition.

priest image vii“Dear Father, as a brother in the Priesthood who shares your loves for Sacred Tradition and for the Church’s Sacred Liturgy (in particular the Traditional Mass and Traditional Sacraments), I also share in your pain and suffering. I want to encourage you to continue doing what you are doing, as it is very inspiring to me and other young priests like myself. We were deprived of instructions in terms of how to celebrate the Traditional Mass and Sacraments in the seminary. But I have learned the Low Mass myself (with the help of a priest of the FSSP to verify that I was celebrating it correctly), and I must say that offering that form of the Mass when I celebrate in private is one of the greatest joys of my Priesthood. With you, I pray for priests and bishops, that they may be freed from their prejudices and misinformations about the Church’s Sacred Rites and embrace the Mass of all ages, as it was celebrated by the priest-saints that have gone before us for 2000 years. God bless you, and may Our Blessed Mother give you strength and peace as you continue to do God’s Will. You are in inspiration to priests like me, and a great blessing to the Church. Even when you celebrate Mass in private with no one else present (although the Angels and Saints are there!
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), you are still bringing many graces down from Heaven onto the Church Militant here on earth.
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I will remember you in my prayers, especially at the Altar of God.”