Grateful to God for All We Have, Especially Our Health

Visiting the poor and seeing the way people live morally, we traditional Catholics need to be so thankful for having what we need spiritually and financially.  Just to be able to go to a doctor and pay for the medicine is a luxury that we take for granted.  Just to be able to buy a fuse, or pay the electricity bill is a blessing.  That is why I am so happy that the Hermanas del Buen Samaritano are taking care of the old sick and have two free medical clinics.  They also go out to the neighboring villages to visit the sick.

IMG_8768It is worth telling the story how they arrived here from Chile.  My parents had an empty center that was to be used for the poor.  My dad and myself invited these nuns to come and work with the poor.  In Chile there are not religious vocations, so they decided to come to help the poor in Mexico and at the same time get some vocations.  So my dad and myself lent them the center to have as their convent.

It just happened that this convent is next to Club de Golf Malinalco.  My parents knew the people who put the Golf Club in from when they built schools for the poor in Mexico 46 years ago.  The people who were friends of my parents from the club started helping the sisters with a Golf tournament to raise funds.  Then, during Holy Week, Regnum Christi of the Legionaries of Christ came and would do missionary work.
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  They also visited the sisters work.

One family from the USA gave 2 million dollars, one from Chile gave another 2 million dollars and the rest (4 million dollars) came from the Regnum Christi and the members of the Gulf Club.

So with just a few people and some religious who wear the habit great things have been accomplished and the poor have free medical care.  The doctors come for a year at time and volunteer after graduation from the Opus Dei Medical School in Mexico City.

Here are some more old people I am visiting and hearing their confessions.  photophotoEvery time I come, the people ask me to go visit these people.  It is a great privilege to be able to comfort them in their sufferings.  photoIn the book “The Secrets of the Holy Rosary”, St. Louis Mary De Montfort reminds us that meditating on the passion of Jesus and the suffering of Our Lady while praying the Holy Rosary are so meritorious.
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  So I tell the sick to meditate on Jesus’ and Mary’s suffering and to unite their suffering with theirs.