My Struggle for The Latin Mass with Bishop and Priests In Mexico

This morning I went to see Bishop Raul Gomez Gonzalez in Tenancingo to again ask him about supporting me with the Order of St. Pius V and the Latin Mass.  He is the bishop in charge of Malinalco where I have my parent’s house and the convent (where the Sisters of the Buen Samaritano use to live).  I had already approached him about this three years ago and talked with him about the “Summorum Pontificum”.

Valle de GuadalupeAt that time he told me that the Latin Mass was so rigid in its rubrics.  He also told me that when he was a boy and used to serve the Latin Mass, and that the priest could only hold his hands so far apart.   I’m just thinking: probably that is when he received his vocation to be a priest.
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  So, at that time he was not interested in supporting me.  I remember driving back home so sad.

When I first learned the Latin Mass, I began saying it here Mexico in a little chapel near to the my house.  The people did not like it because they liked it when I use to say it in spanish.  But I still said my private mass, and everyone was welcomed.  One day, the Augustinian pastor from the parish arrived and just sat through the whole latin mass in the sanctuary.  Afterward he asked me: “what were you doing?”  I told him that I was saying a private Latin Mass.  He went out and told my friends that this mass was invalid. The next day I took Summorum Pontificum and the instructions Universae Ecclesiae (important parts highlighted in yellow) to his office.  I did this to show him that it was allowed and that priests and people have rights to have the Latin Mass offered.

He left the parish and the new pastor arrived.  I knew him from before.  When some people informed him that I was saying the Latin Mass in the chapel, he called me in and told me in strong words that the Latin Mass was prohibited.  The next day I took him a photo of Cardinal Canizares offering the Latin Mass in the Vatican.  He then admitted that is was allowed.  I then humbly asked him for permission to say it privately in the hospital chapel of the Sisters of the Buen Samaritano.  He said ok.

533857_10151519299789199_995218021_nI had to get a crucifix (in their Novus Ordo Chapel there was none).  I had to have a platform made and painted so that I could stand in front of the altar.  For a few days I was again happily saying the Holy Mass there.  But then the pastor called the mother superior and told her not to allow me and that the Latin Mass was prohibited.  Thanks be to God she had already read the introduction in the Ecclesia Dei white spanish booklet that explained Pope Benedict’s “Summorum Pontificum”.  She told him that the pope had given permission for this mass.  But, so as to not get them in trouble with their pastor, I started saying it in my tiny chapel I had build the year before.

IMG_8764I then went and took copies of Summorum Pontificum and the instructions Universae to the Bishop’s office so that he would see and read with his own eyes (again all the important parts highlighted in yellow so he could read it quickly) that the Latin Mass is permitted.  I did this so that the bishop would know that there are educated people who know about what Pope Benedict had done for us who love the Latin Mass.

With all the problems I have had here with the local priests, I decided to again go and visit the bishop.  I did this to remind him of all that my parents and myself have done for the poor here in his diocese before he arrived three years ago.  I purposely did this so when the priest here Malinalco gets upset about the Latin Mass I am saying in my house or my visiting the poor sick to hear their confessions, he will be benevolent to me and support me.  I have been coming here and working with the poor for 27 years now.

Cristo sofferente Antonello_da_MessinaWhile I was at it, I also asked him about his support of the order.  In response he said that his people only understand Spanish and that is why he does not support the Latin Mass.  I went on to inform him that in the United States the traditional Latin Mass altar servers are wanting to be priests and that the Fraternity of St. Peter has so many young men in their seminary.

I also told him about the lack of children in the Catholic Church of the USA.  He said that the number of children are diminishing here in Mexico too.  I then went on to tell him that traditional Catholic families are having a lot of children.

I have no idea what God has in mind when I am doing this education of priests and bishops about the Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae.  But I do know that I need to do it no matter what the out come is.

photoYesterday was my friend Hermana Gabriela’s birthday and we had a beautiful meal together. She went with me and was also able to talk to the bishop about her congregation she is trying to keep going.  So good things always come out of everything we try to do for God.  Each one of you are doing your part.  Let us let God do the rest.  Mary too.  She and I had a great talk about the need to be 100% converted, in the way we pray, dress, use our time and work.