All Over the World People Die, Are We Ready.

As you can all imagine, here in Malinalco Mexico there are sinners too.  I went to visit a sick woman who is dying from cancer and who had not been to confession in three years.  Again, I do an in-depths examination of conscience to be sure that those who are dying have made the best confession possible.  I also encourage them forgive those whom had offended them and to ask for forgiveness from those with whom they have offended.  Please pray for this

Here in Mexico they do not have Hospice, so they are not drugged up on morphine and therefore are able to confess well.  Over and over again, when I go to hear confessions of those about to die in the United States, they can not stay awake to make a good confession because the Morphine makes them so sleepy.  I have to scream, shake them, anything to keep them awake in order to be able to at least do an act of contrition.

As a traditional Catholic priest I have great compassion for those who are suffering pain.  So, yes, I am for carefully using morphine to control the pain.  But, if it means that they have to suffer pain to be able to make a complete confession, then it is better to hold off on the morphine.

limbour-hellBut my real true compassion is for their soul to not be suffering for ever in fire of hell and the eternal separation from God.  This is true compassion.

Each one of us needs to be confessed and ready to die.  We need to have our wills in order and have made peace with God and those around us.  Sometime, it is impossible to have peace with others, but if at all possible, we should be at peace with everyone.

I also visited this old couple and heard their confession.

photophotoThen I visited a family and their son wanted to talk with me.  He has a sister who lived with her boyfriend and had a daughter.  They separated because he began to use drugs.  Now the 2 year old girl has no father to be with.  And, sad to say, his sister has not yet learned her lesson.  She now has another boyfriend who gets drunk a lot and has sent nude pictures of herself to him on her phone.  Her brother saw them on her phone and now is afraid that when the boyfriend has been drinking, he will show others the pictures of his sister.  Pictures on the internet never ever die.  Everything we do will come back to haunt us some day, if they are not pleasing to God.  I told him to just observe the consequences of sin all around him so that he will be able to fight the temptations of sin.  I also told him to tell his parents.

photoWe traditional Catholics have only one thing on our mind: eternal souls in this life, hell, purgatory or heaven.  We want them in heaven and not in hell.  But of course we want every child, man and woman to be happy here in the mean time.  And sin causes drama, suffering (especially for the children of separate parents) and sicknesses.  Jesus, Mary, help us to not offend God and to please Him in every area of our lives.

It is so important to give our lives to help the sick and dying, physically and spiritually.  If we do, there will be someone taking care of us and praying for us when it comes our time to die.  Keep praying for a holy death.  If we pray the Holy Rosary, God and Mary will always make sure we die a holy death.