10 Ways to Convert Catholics to Be Holy Catholics

I am in Mexico for 6 days and have no internet in the house.  So I am at a friends internet café.  But they do not have wifi or telephone line connection to connect to my computor.    I arrived early in the morning and took the Subway.  Monday morning at 6 am it was crammed full.  Then when I arrived at the Bus station, there were hundreds and hundreds of young men arriving from other villages to work in Mexico City.  They were trying to get into the Metro station.

JesusShepherdOf course, when I see all the Mexicans, I always think of what kind of Catholics are they.  Mexicans have a wonderful gift of faith in God.  But they have been taught too little.  There is a lot of “Cultural Catholicism” where they get their sacraments and have weddings, 15era´s, pilgrims and funerals at church, but that is pretty much where it ends for many of them.

And this is when I wonder “what if” the bishops and priests here in Mexico were to work together to educate and convert the whole family.  What a wonderful country Mexico could be.  But the sad reality is that Mexico is only getting worse and worse as they become worse and worse Catholics.  But it is never too late.

So what I think and pray for, is for the Cardinals, Bishops, priests and religious of Mexico, and the whole world, wake up to what is really happening and start to work together for the conversion of the people.

I studied 2 years in Cristo Rey Seminary here in Mexico.  They truly wanted to convert people.  But the main problem I see, is that the priests personal life is not that holy and that they have constructed a liberal theology to go along with their personal life styles.

IMG_3208_1As Mother Theresa said: “We do not need more priests, we need holy priest”.  So I can try to be a holy priest, you can be a holy priests, seminarian, father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, or sister.

There are millions of Mexican Catholics.   But all I can do is help those who are open.  But it would be wonderful if the Cardinals, Bishops, priests and religious would all be on the same traditional page.

It is so wonderful working with Fr. Saenz at St. Catherine and all the staff and catechism teachers.  They are all on the same page, seeking holiness in the traditional Catholic way.  And together we are effecting many many families.  The children affect the parents and the parents affect the children.  At first, when they begin, they are very resistent to what we have to say.  But with time and patience, they become so happy and grow so so much in their faith.

So here are 10 successful method to have the holy Catholic families that God wants:

1) Traditional priests who are trying to be holy and willing to be persecuted for truth.

2) A traditional staff working with the priests.
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3) Traditional catechism teachers who know and love their faith and teach only true Catholicism.

4) Requiring parents to come to long classes when their children are studing.

5) Sacramental preparation for baptism and marriage be long and traditional.

6) Priests and staff praying for their own conversión and those with whom they are working with.

7) Teaching the parents and the children how to pray.

8) Teaching as many of the boys and young men to serve the Latin Mass as possible.

9) Get the Girls to sing in the Chior.

10) Have plenty of fun gatherings to celebrate in a healthy way being traditional Catholics.

418580_350747591670116_1453853407_nWe are so blessed to be with holy, happy, educated Traditional Catholics.