Most Catholic Christians are Roman, But Not All

Almost all Catholics belong to the Roman Rite.  But, thanks be to God, our Universal Catholic Church has many other rites with their own unique Divine Liturgies.   Each one of these Divine Liturgies organically and slowly developed from what the Apostles offered and left as they preached Jesus Christ’s Gospel all over the world.

Then from these places, as Catholicism spread, these Rites also spread like the ancient Greece Liturgy went to Russia around 1000 AD.  You can see this evidence for this in the similarity of the Russian and Greek Orthodox Divine liturgies.  The language did change, but not the liturgy.  It is still the ancient Greek liturgy in Russian.  Almost with out exception, all of these Rites were not changed at all by the Vatican II liturgy revolution.

acensicStateRussianMuseum-1I am doing this to show that it is a very minimal amount of Catholics who are not Roman Rite Catholics.
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 Almost all Catholics through out the world are Roman Rite Catholics.  So, being a Roman Rite Catholic,what happens to it’s liturgy, is going to directly affect almost every Catholic in how he is going to pray and how he will believe.  So when the Vatican got rid of the Latin Mass, it has directly effected the vast majority of Catholics.

So we traditional Catholics contend, that by bringing back the Latin Mass, will save almost all of the Catholics, being that they are Roman Rite Catholics.  This is the only way that we will get good liturgy again and from there, good doctrine.
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 Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi.  “How you pray (especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) is how you will believe.  And then the Church will begin to heal again and have strong holy Catholics.

For almost anyone who is not yet blind and deaf, it is quite obvious that every Catholic has his own belief in what it means to be a Catholic.  So, that just proves, our bad way of praying has distorted our way of believing.  This is the problem in a nut shell.

Byzantine Catholic ChurchHere is a simple list of groups loosely placed under the Byzantine Rite.

1. Coptic Catholic Church.  Language: Coptic and Arabic.  200,000 people, and found in Egypt and Americas.

2. Ethiopic Catholic Church.  Language Geez.  200,000 people and found in Ethiopia, Somalia and Jerusalem.

3. Maronite Church.  Language Aramaic.  3,000,000 people and found in Lebanon and the Middle East.

4. Syrian Catholic Church.  Language Siriac.  110,000 people and found in the Middle East.

5. Syro-Malankara Catholic Church.  Language: Syriac and Malayalam, 3,000,000 persons in South West India.

6. Armenian Catholic Church. Language: Classical Armenian, 350,000, (have the older version of the Byzantine Rite) and found in the Middle East.

7. Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church.  Language: Albanian, 1400 people.

8. Belarusian Greek Catholic Church.  Language: Old Slavic, ? amount of people and are in Belarus.

9. Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church.  Language: Old Slavic, 20,000 people.

10. Byzantine Church of the Eparchy of Križevci

11. Greek Byzantine Catholic Church.  Language: Greek, Byzantine Rite, 2500 people in Greece and Europe.

12. Hungarian Greek Catholic Church.  Language: Greek. 300,000 people and are found in Hungary.

13. Italo-Albanian Catholic Church.  Language Greek, Italo Albanian Rite, 60,000 people and are found in Sicily.

14. Macedonian Greek Catholic Church.

15. Melkite Greek Catholic Church.  Language: Greek Arabic, English Portugese.  I,000,000 people.  Found mostly in the Middle East.

16. Romanian Church United with Rome.  Language: Romanian. 1,000,000 people.

17. Russian Catholic Church.  Language: Old Slavonic. Not sure how many people and are found in Russia and China.

18. Ruthenian Catholic Church (usually called the “Byzantine Catholic Church” in the United States)

19. Slovak Greek Catholic Church.  Language Slovak. 225,000 people and found in Slovakia and Canada.

20. Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.  Language: Old Slavonic.  5,500,000 people and are found in the Ukraine, Poland and Europe.

21. Chaldean Catholic Church.  Language Syriac and Arabic.  310,000 people and found in the Middle East.

22. Syro-Malabar Church

Then there a three Rites belonging exclusively to the Religious Orders: the Dominican Rite (Order of Friar Preachers), the Carmelite Rite, and the Carthusian Rite.

And besides these we have the Anglican Rite, Mozarabic Rite (Spain and Portugal), Ambrosian Rite (Milan Italy) and the Bragan Rite (Portugal).

Coronation of Pope Paul VI, 1963This is dry study.  Not controversial, but important, to show to those who say that there are many rites in the Catholic Church and that the Latin Rite is just one, amongst many.  But as you can see, the others rites make up such a tiny part of the 1.1 billion Catholics.  And that is why we traditional Catholics are going to work for the return to the Latin Mass that was used all over the world in all Roman Rite parishes (the far majority of all parishes).   We were united all over the world in one Rite and one language Latin.