Why Would You Trust Your Enemy The Devil or Any Other Enemy?

As you can imagine, I have many earned many enemies because of my stand as a Catholic priest for the Holy Latin Mass, Modesty, Life and Good Morals.  One thing I have been tempted to do, but know it is wrong, is to no longer trust anyone.

Arena Chapel - Judas Kiss close upI say this because people, I once trusted and helped many times over, have “converted” to become my enemies just because of my stating that the Holy Latin Mass is superior to the Novus Ordo Mass or dressing immodestly offends God.

I believe that the Latin Mass is superior from my own empirical experience of offering the English, Spanish Novus Ordo Masses along with the Latin Mass for 6 years.  Any priest who offers the two masses together, day in and day out will, in all honesty, find out that the Latin Mass is more pleasing to God.  It is because of its total orientation toward God, its adoration of God and perfection that was organically developed over centuries and centuries.

The Novus Ordo, which is also called the New Mass, was created by Pope Paul VI and a group of priests and promulgated in 1969.  Yes it has some aspects of the Pius V Missal, but the way it is laid out and many of the prayers in it are new.  Again, since I am scientifically minded, the proof is in the evidence.  Buy or borrow a Sacramentary or New Roman Missal and compare this with the Pope Pius V’s Missal or what is also called Pope John XXIII 1962 Missal.   If you are unable to do this, you can also find parts of these missals on line so that you yourself can compare.  You can find the parts of the Text of the New translation of the New Mass on the USSCB’s web site.  Then just compare.

The other thing that has brought me my many many enemies is when I have told women, kindly and with good explanation, that their clothes were immodest.  It really got ugly  when I began obliging women who were not modest (some actually dressed like prostitutes) and coming to weddings, 15era’s, baptisms, to put on a simple white robe before entering church.  I simply followed the rules that are present in the Vatican today.  That very quickly put me on many peoples enemy list.  These women went all out to get me and posted terrible things about me on Facebook and all over town.   But I forgive them, pray for them and have moved on.

St. Catherine of Siena Carlos DolciI do not, and I do not think any of you, wake up every morning thinking, how can I gain more enemies today.   None of us purposely say hurtful things just to provoke hatred for ourselves and to see how many new enemies we can make.  NO.  We are not insane.  Only an insane, masochistic person would do that.  All of us like to be liked and to get along with others.  Besides we are just like everyone else and do not like being stabbed in the back.

Often we traditional Catholics are put up against the wall; to either please God or to please people.   Anyone who truly loves God has no other choice than to please God, even though you know that in choosing to please God, it will bring you many bad enemies.  But this only purifies our love for God, because it is now sacrificial love and not sentimental love.

It hurt Jesus deeply when His friend and Apostle Judas became His enemy and betrayed him.  There must have been something the Jesus said or did at one point that caused His friend to become His enemy.  We know that Judas had already, in his heart, gone against the detachment of things of this world and poverty that Jesus has asked him to accept in order to become one of His followers.  We know this because the Bible says that he would take money out of the purse that was meant to be given to the poor and spend it on himself.

Maybe it was at this point that Judas started to resent Jesus little by little.  Especially when Jesus would preach about trusting in God and storing up your treasures in heaven.  Maybe it started when Jesus told them that to follow Him they needed to sell what they had and give the money to the poor.  Or maybe, and most likely, it happened slowly as Judas became more and more lukewarm in his love for Jesus and his own prayer life.

Judas Accepts the Bribe_Arena Chapel_Padua_1300-05Then little by little he started helping himself to the purse for little “justified” pleasures.  Then, probably his conscience started to bothered him, and to deal with that, he made Jesus into the bad person.   He made Jesus to be the cause of him having to steal and spend the money on himself.  He probably thought; “If only Jesus wasn’t so strict he would not have to steal the money and to purchase what was really only “normal” pleasures”.  Jesus then became his “justified” enemy.  Now he could betray him and get some more money for his “normal” needs and not feel guilty.  After all now, in Judas’ eyes, Jesus had become the bad one.

So, like Jesus, each one of us reading this blog have had a good friend change to become our bad enemy.  Good, and bad people alike, do not like being betrayed.  No one enjoys having enemies.  We need to be very careful to not betray people who at one time were our good friends and helped us a great deal and now we justify betraying them because we have labeling them as bad and therefore our enemy.

So, having stated the given; no one like enemies and no one trusts enemies, I am going to pose a very serious question.  Why, “in heavens name” would we trust the devil?

Maybe it is because we do not believe that he is truly our enemy.  Maybe, because if we did, we would have to take him seriously and stop sinning.  We might have to change our lives.

Satan Before the Lord_GIAQUINTO, CorradoWell, I do not think it takes much thought or convincing to help you believe strongly that the devil truly is your worst enemy.  He is charming, promises you the moon and everything else your heart may desire.   He tells you that there really is no such thing as God and that thing called sin was just made up by false religion.  This being the “truth”, you are now free to do what ever you want.  Sounds good.

But ,there is no enemy more ready to stab you in the back, than the devil.  He only wants that you and everyone else be damned to the fires of hell forever like he is.  He hates the idea of anyone of us getting to be in the extreme joys and love of heaven for all eternity.

Wake up.  Study your concrete past history.  When you have done what ever you wanted, has it worked out as well as you thought it would?  Has it ever caused some sort of “drama”?  Has it destroyed your health? Has it caused you to have sexually transmitted disease?  Has it caused your heart to be broken?
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 Have you lost your virginity to a person who promised if you would just have relations to prove your love for him, he would stay with you forever?  Where is he now?  Have you hurt people around you by your selfish actions?  Have you become enslaved to behaviors you would be extremely ashamed of if they were to become know? Have you put yourself or others in danger because of these actions?  Are you addicted and find it very hard to stop doing these destructive behaviors?

None of us like betraying enemies.  Let us wake up to the reality that the devil is the worst of all betraying, lying enemies.  Part of his torment is to see the beauty of heaven that he lost by rebelling against God’s rules of love.  That is why he does not want us to go to heaven.

Let us be practical, reflective and wise.  Today let us make an informed decision, with the grace and help of God, to no longer listen to our worst enemy, the devil, and instead only listen to God and His good friends.

Some more facts to consider.  Death is a heart beat away or a breath away.  2 billion christians believe in the devil and hell.  The Bible says it.  Jesus constantly was casting out devils.  Most of us have experienced some sort of satanic activity.  The Catholic Church states the truth of the devil and hell.   Jesus rose from the dead.  Christianity conquered the powerful Roman Empire through charity and martyrs.  Are you that deny the existence of God, the devil and hell; are you 100% sure you are right.  All eternity depends on it.  Everyone sane believes that death will come some day.  Are you sure you are sure?

Most of you traditional Catholic bishops, priests, religious and people have suffered greatly from friends turned enemies.  You have earned these enemies by loving God, teaching people to obey His commandments, not compromising Catholic truth, offering the Holy Latin Mass and asking women to dress modestly.

St. Michael at Mt GarganoInstead of getting down and depressed, we need to do exactly what Jesus says:  “Blessed are you when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for My sake.  Be glad and rejoice for your reward is very great in heaven.  For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.”  St. Matthew 5:11-12