Traditional Catholicism Vs. Democratic Swiss and German “Catholicism”

With the surveys sent out by Pope Francis in preparation for the October Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family, the Swiss and German Bishops Conferences have reported their findings.  Catholics in their countries no longer agree with the 2000 year old Catholic teachings.  They said that Catholic Sexual morality is “unrealistic” and that it is “unmerciful” to not let people divorce and remarry.

imagesI am not surprised at all of these results.  Because most of these bishops and priests in Germany and Switzerland do not believe or preach the Catholic’s Churches teachings about these morals.  The bishops, priests, religious and people are swept away with the evil culture that surrounds them.

Why has Pope Francis not taken a survey with God, as to what would please Him?  It is scandalous and the very mocking of God to even ask these questions about sins on a survey that God has already let it be known through the Bible and the Catholic Church that He detests.  I admit that the pope has not formally changed Catholic teachings.  But his comments and this survey muddy the water to the point that many people are now confused as to what the Catholic Church teaches.  They also find in them encouragement to live immoral lives.

12_07_09_4_MarksYou can just imagine what might happen if a bishop or priest should happen to have the courage to actually stand up against these evil sins and to preach these Catholic truths.  He would be silenced, punished and ostracized.  One bishop, one priest, one religious speaking out against a huge mountain of opposition and who have all the power.  It would only bring about his instant demise.  And what for.  Simply because he proclaimed the 2000 year old Biblical based Catholic teaching on marriage, birth control and homosexuality, that just happens to no longer be in vogue.

Many of those who support these evil sexual and marital sins are the ones in the Catholic Church who have all the power.  Some of them are in the Bishop Conferences and chanceries.  Many run the parishes.  That is why I appreciate the voice of Michael Voris, because he says out loud what is really happening behind the scene in most dioceses of Europe and the United States.

John the Baptist_beheading_TIEPOLO, Giovanni BattistaThis is a picture that says it all as St. John the Baptist looses his head over protecting the indissolubility of marriage and saying no to King Herod and Herodias.

The problem of dissension from the 2000 year old Catholic teachings is nothing new.  We all know that.  But legitimizing it by sending out a survey which questions Catholic teaching is plain out evil.  Like these questions:

4. e) What questions do divorced and remarried people pose to the Church concerning the Sacraments of the Eucharist and of Reconciliation?   Among those persons who find themselves in these situations, how many ask for these sacraments?

5. c) What pastoral attention can be given to people who have chosen to live in these types of union  (Unions of persons of the same sex)?

These questions coming from the pope in the Vatican, directed to all the bishops of the world, only further stirs up rebellion against the 2000 year old teachings that condemns such sinful behavior.  Voting or coming to a consensus on Catholic morals is not Catholic period.

God is not democratic.  No matter how much you may not like the Bible’s condemnation of homosexual sex or remarrying or fornication before marriage, you can not change what God thinks nor truth.

While the survey showed Catholics strongly disagreeing with the prohibition to use birth control, it also shows that they strongly disagreeing with God and the Church’s teaching.  And because of their rebellion against God, the European, countries like Switzerland and Germany, are literally killing themselves off by abortion, birth control and sterile homosexual unions.  Their birth rate is very low.  No matter how many popes, bishops, priests, religious and people go against these sins, they will still lose in the long run.  Nature will have its way, as Europe hasten to its own demise by not having children, who are their very future.

IMG_0131Let us pray and also speak up even when we will be condemned by the culture and the Church.  Remember that it was the church who condemned St. Joan of Arc.  She just stayed faithful to God, the Church and Truth.  We must do the same.  And again, we traditional Catholics know that the truth that in the end, God will not be mocked.

Let us be one of the few people who want to love, please and obey God in a world and Church gone wrong.  And let us always pray for our pope, bishops, priests, religious and fellow Catholics to see the light and the truth.