Gay Google and Duck Duck Go and Traditional Catholics

For the last two days, (no longer today), google has put on their title the homosexual rainbow flag to show their support of homosexuals at the Russian Olympics.  I use google a lot in doing my research and have been extremely pleased with its instantaneous  results.  But when they try to push their values down your throat, and every time I go to there site and have to see the homosexual’s flag, it is time to change.

JesusShepherdIs there an alternative?  Thanks to I was able to read about Duck Duck Go. All you do is type in Duck Duck Go and you have the place to type in what you are trying to research.  Try it out.  Duck Duck Go

I do not know much about them, but I am happy to not support google search engine until they change their values.  I have also heard that they work against traditional religion and values.  But I have just heard this.  I do not know.