United Nation Wants to Force Vatican to Change Traditional Catholic Morals

After an intense study, the United Nations is strongly demanding that the Vatican open files of pedophile priests and the bishops who concealed their crimes.  They then go on to condemn the Catholic Church for her stand against homosexuality, contraception and abortion.  

pope francisWhat they do not condemn is the cause of, as they stated: “the rape and molestation of tens of thousands children over decades”.  They want the Church to change her condemnation of homosexuality which was the cause of Catholic priests sexually abusing teenage boys.  The great majority of sexual abuse was with teenage boys.

What is scary is that this world government is using the sexual abuse scandal to put its iron grip on the Catholic Church and then threatening her to change her doctrine that comes from the Holy bible.

At the same time we see our pope undermining these same doctrines when he stated: who am I to judge gay priests (who were the main cause of the sexual abuse in the Church), and that we should not be always talking about homosexuality, birth control and abortion.

So we pray and are on alert as to what is happening right now.  Also Fox News stated that the United Nation’s peace workers have sexually abused many children as well.

But we as Catholics know better and it is a terrible crime against God.  The Bible says that homosexual sex cries out for vengeance from God.  Imagine what homosexual sex forced on children by priests and hidden by bishops, cries out for.

We need to be holy and prayerful.  We can only start with ourselves.  But we also know that God is watching what is happening and will have His day at last.