As We “Catholics” Try to Become Protestant, The Further They Move Away From Us.

At Vatican II there was strong pressure from protestants for us Catholics to become more like them in our way of worship and doctrine.   This was accepted by the Catholics so as to try to bring protestants back into the Catholic Church (“Ecumenism”).

rossivaticanSo after we deformed the liturgy (according to protestant suggestions) and toned down doctrine (to not offend them and to agree with them that we were wrong and they were right all along), they were suppose to come back into the Catholic Church.  But the exact opposite has happened.  As we Catholics have tried to copy the Protestants by becoming more liberal and protestant like in liturgy and doctrine, they have continued to even further separate from us, by becoming even more liberal “christians”.

Let us take the examples of only male ministers, homosexuality, birth control, divorce and abortion.  As we become more accepting of these things they even become more so.

At first they just wanted female ministers, but then they went to female bishops, then they went to homosexual priests, then they went to openly homosexual priests, and then they went to openly homosexual female bishops.  I know all of this as a fact.  I have followed this all personally over time.

All Catholics and protestants objected to birth control till the Church of England made it acceptable in serious conditions in 1930.  Then they went to it being accepted for all to use.  Then it was taught that it was the responsible thing to use to not have too many children.

All christians were opposed to homosexuality.  But then it became acceptable in some churches, till it became good by blessing homosexual couples. Then it was seen as a thing that all christians should support and have legal recognition.  Then it became an evil if you did not support homosexuality and their marriages.

All christians abhorred murdering of the baby in the womb.  Then some churches allowed it in serious situations.  Then some churches saw it as a good thing for women.  Then churches began to condemn those who were for protecting the pre born babies.

In the book “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson she describes how she could no longer work at Planned Parenthood because of their killing the pre born babies.  When she shared this with her Episcopal church, they kicked her out because she was not supporting woman’s rights to kill their pre born babies.  Here is what the Episcopal church believes:

But The Episcopal Church also affirms that it honors individuals’ rights to make an informed decision about abortion. The church is featured among the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’s list of pro-choice church bodies.

Also on the list are the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the United Methodist Church, and the United Church of Christ. These mainline denominations hold that life is sacred yet profess a pro-choice stance allowing abortion in the event of “severe physical or mental deformity” and encouraging respect for a woman’s choice.” The Christian Post

Here are some statistic charts from Pew Research Center showing the decline in protestant religion and the same in Catholic Church in the United States as we try to be like them.

strong-cath-id-2strong-cath-id-3strong-cath-id-4 strong-cath-id-5strong-cath-id-6There is a reason for the unchanging 2000 year old Catholic doctrine and the Bible.  Conforming to the protestant revolt of Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin and King Henry VIII has only made the Catholic Church lukewarm and there by causing the loosing of many souls.  Jesus spoke with authority.

The revolution against God started with the devil and his minions.  Then the devil got Eve to rebel.  Eve got Adam to rebel.  Then the devil got Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, King Henry to rebel.  Rebellion against God only causes death, division, suffering and unhappiness.  When will we learn our lesson.

misa S Gregorio-thumb-300x414One way to learn is to go over history.  We so quickly forget the past.  The Bible is the history of God’s people.  May we read it to understand the God made us, God is good and God is to be obeyed.  Let us read it to see that when we rebel against God, only bad comes from it.  When we obey Him, only blessing come from it.   It is so good to be a Traditional Catholic and know this.